Introducing Into The Vein: Revelation and Revealer

Hi and Welcome. Yes I interviewed myself; quite mad. As you may or may not know, I’ve written a book: Into The Vein: Revelation and Revealer. ITV: R&R is a paranormal adventure series about six people who gets caught up in the war between Angels, they discover a lot of ancient secrets that culminate into an awesome adventure. But I need an interview, and where better to do it than my own blog; so let’s begin the madness, for all intents and purposes I will be INT (interviewer) and Au (Author of course).

INT: Hello and welcome to the Writer’s Block.

Au: Hello, thanks for having me.

INT: Not like I really had a choice, but you’re ok with me and you may just do well with the readers as long as you survive this. So let’s just get right to the skinny shall we. Tell me about you, who are you what makes you relevant, why should anyone read anything from you?

AU: That’s a loaded question, I mean, so many answers to give here.

INT: Well start somewhere man, don’t just sit there. Introduce yourself.

AU: My pen-name is Kevin Allen. I am 2012 New to the Published Author Scene. I have two books on the ebook market, one in the Print Market.

INT: Two Books, I thought you only wrote Into the Vein?

AU: No, this year, in March I got a chance to work with Author Jerrice Owens, Shawn Hicks, and a few other writers on an urban erotic anthology; V.I.P published on Amazon Kindle. I definitely had fun putting this one down. The Story I wrote for the piece is called; Mrs. Carter’s Proposal.

INT: So you are a rookie who has already co-authored a book?

AU: I am; interesting thing is that I’ve been asked to help with a part 2, which I can’t wait to do. I never thought writing erotica could be so much fun, among other things. I loved the project and can’t wait to do it again.

INT: I see, that is exciting. So if someone wanted to purchase this steamy urban erotica they’d just visit the link and pay the 99 cents. I got a head-nod folks. So tell me about your solo project. Into The Vein: Revelation and Revealer, how did that come about?

AU: V.I.P is a great addition to Amazon Kindle. As for Into the Vein I wanted to do something special. What I did was take a look at some historical facts, some biblical facts, and some mythological facts and brainstormed to create the perfect vision of an adventure, at least the beginning of an adventure. When I sat down and started writing ITV, the book began unfolding in some great ways, the more I wrote the more it flowed. When the book was finally done I had two more books to add to it, I’ve already started working on Into the Vein: Enemy within the World, and believe me, for those of you who have read Revelation and Revealer, hold onto your hats as the action and sequences are raised twofold.

INT: Sounds exciting. So this is available for how much on Amazon Kindle? Is t available anywhere else?

AU: The Regular Price on Amazon Kindle is $2.99,I think I’ll keep it at that price, just as a welcome to Kevin Allen to Amazon and to the readers I will get. Into the Vein Revelation and Revealer is also available in Print through CreateSpace and also On Amazon as trade paperback. I also took the CreateSpace package that will have my books enroute to a bookshop near you soon. I figure when enough is sold I’ll do some book signing. But f you see me anywhere in Mass I’ll definitely sign it for you.

INT: Wait, so you took the bold step of not only self-publishing on Amazon, but you put it in print as well? Why? Most authors would generally wait for agents or such.

AU: I’m not someone who waits, I made something and I wanted people to see it, to read it, to enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. When I saw the prospect for self-pub I definitely decided to create Into the Vein on Create Space, and I know I wanted Into the Vein on Amazon as a Kindle version, everybody reads on kindle, and even if you don’t have a kindle you can download the Kindle app to your computer or your phone. So yeah, I definitely went for the full publish, both ebook and traditional paperback. Not leaving anybody out or ruling anything out. I wrote something and I want people to have a chance to read it.

INT: You sound passionate about this.

AU: I am. One of the reasons I started writing a Novel is because I love writing. I’m not content to read it myself anymore. I’m an artist and people should definitely be treated to art.

INT: Nice, are there any specials going on right now?

AU: Yes there is. For the next three days everyone can download the Kindle edition for FREE, you read right. As I sad, if you want to order after I suggest Create space for the paperback edition or check your local bookstore soon, or from Amazon. If you do pick up the FREE version on kindle please click the like button or remember to return and leave some feedback when you’re done. But be on the lookout for Into the Vein Enemy within the World soon.

INT: You’ve got all the bases covered.
AU: No not yet, trying to get marketing for this thing is expensive, and like most writers, I’m a starving artist working the 9 – 5. I’ve gained a lot of respect for writers like Stephen King, M. Knight, Langston Hughes and other writers who have been successful with what they’ve done. I can now see the hard work they had to go through. Believe me, it’s a lot harder to sell the into the vein than it is to write it, but I am persistent and I believe it will get done.

INT: Wow, thanks for coming on, erm, well, writing this interview. I can;t wait to get other writers in the hot seat. There are a lot of good books out there, we will get to them, I hope. Thank you all for reading. Don’t forget to stop in and check out the title; Into The Vein: Revelation and Revealer FREE download at Amazon Kindle, or $2.99 when the promotion is over and you want to support the artist, Kevin Allen, with a purchase. And either way, tell people about this exciting book, they’ll thank you and you’ll thank you for reading it. Look fr the next post coming soon.

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