Interview with T.P. Miller Author of: Out For Blood

Out For Blood by T.P. Miller; have you guys read this book yet?I am always on the lookout for books with substance, basically books that get me hooked and writer’s who can do the same. Ran across this lady that does just that with her magic words and her way of laying out a great plot. ya’ll got to read this book. It’s available as a Nook Book on B&N, as a Kindle on, and also the paperback is available for those of you who will want to own the copy, I know you’re still out there too. But you have all you need if you like action with a lot of danger and women. But I have another treat for you tonight.

I’m always looking for Fresh talent, always looking to spice things up a bit around here. Right now I went and dug someone up just for your pleasure. It is unbelievable when you end up running into random people, but this – You won’t believe it, well, yes you will. I’m sitting down with the sizzling vampiress T.P. Miller, author of: Out For Blood. She’s agreed to talk to us about her book and. we’re going to talk about the good and the ugly of it all, yes we will try to keep it clean. No she will not just bite randomly, wishful thinking will get you nowhere.

Ms Miller welcome to the Writer’s Block. Let me first say congrats on getting this project done.  And thanks for agreeing to go before our readers.

T.P. Miller: Thanks for having me.  Hey everybody!

Poor woman, she’s so polite, wonder if she knows what she’s getting into? Anyway let’s begin. What is, Out for Blood all about? Tell us all about it.

T.P.: Now that you say that, I do wonder *laughs* Out for Blood is a paranormal novel that follows the main characters as they look for the killer of their family and kidnapped their daughter.  While they’re vampires, they don’t have the sparkle and the glitter, but they’re real lol.

No Sparkle? Well then we definitely want to know about your characters; just don’t kill it for everyone by revealing too much now. What are they like?

T.P: Well you have the main characters, Nef and Ram. They’re a married couple that’s pretty much been through it all. Nef’s parents were killed as a child and when they married these two were struck again but their daughter getting kidnapped right in front of them. You’re finding out a lot more about the back-story and also why Nef is the Chosen One.

INT: A chosen one, a lot more questions, but I won’t pry, much. But I gotta ask, which one of your characters do you find yourself drawn to the most?

T.P.: Well all of these characters are best friends. If I had to ask which character I was drawn to the most, aside from the main two, I would have to say that it would have to be the villain. He’s so dark, and twisted, and evil and corrupt that it was fun to come up with the crazy things that he does.

INT: What was your latest hot dream about the villain, hey the readers have a right to know.

T.P.: Wow…I don’t know if I’ve had a hot dream about the characters. But obviously I have a serious crush on Ram cause…well… if you look at my website…you’ll see. Mhmmm lol

INT: Ladies you heard it, Ram is the man. So the book is available where exactly, say I’m a reader and I want to go get it right now. Where would I go?

T.P.: Well if you wanted to get a copy of Out for Blood, you definitely can go to amazon or barnes and noble and get your ebook copy. If you’re like me and need the paperback in your hand, then you can go to and get a copy. I’m giving you the links again in case you want to order.

Nook on Barnes and Noble

Kindle Edition from Amazon

The PaperBack

Everything T.P. Miller is on her Author Webby, check her out & say hello, she’s cute.

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