Character Interview with Jason Nelson from Into The Vein


We’ll be bringing the crew of Into the Vein:Revelation and Revealer out from time to time. I wanted to bring out one of our leading characters first. Without a doubt this is the most deceptive character in this  new book by author Kevin Allen. The bad guy that we all kind of take a liking to. Here’s a guy that presents himself very well. He’s well groomed, dresses sharp, is very successful at a young age, is kind to everyone, and very respectful to people. Just don’t make him angry. Ladies and gentlemen, Jason Nelson. Jason, thanks for coming on and allowing the readers to get to know you.
JN: Thanks for having me. I’m looking forward to telling my side of the story. I mean, how do you paint me as the bad guy? Do I really seem like the bad guy or just someone who stands up for what he believes in?

To be honest I don’t know. Reading your character you really do seem like you’re misunderstood. I can definitely see your argument. But let’s face it, you’re painted as the bad guy because of your affiliations.

JN: My Affiliations? Come on, what you say about Tyus, is he a bad guy or one of the good guys?

Well Tyus turns out to be the hero. He’s the one that had to actually put a stop to what you were about to do.

JN: And what was I doing, what was he doing?

You seem like you joined a group of elitists in order to start a war or something.

JN: Nah, see that’s where you got shit twisted man. I’m trying to stop the war that fool is trying to start. I don’t get why people don’t get that part. I’m the hero here, I mean, I can definitely see why people think I’m the bad guy. I’m the one that gotta stand up to all that BS with no help. Everybody’s on this dude’s side.

He even gets the girl.

JN: What you talkin’ bout man!

We all saw how you were looking at Trisha. Innocent looks, you seem to be caught up with her. There were a few times I thought you were just gonna grab her and plant one on her.

JN: You gotta be kidding me. If anything I’d say Arianna, that lil Mexicana’s trophy-wife status. She’s the hottest thing in the book and feisty as hell.

Uhuh o_O so you can honestly say you don’t feel anything for Trisha?

JN: Ahem, well, Trisha is a great girl. I mean, who wouldn’t date a hot medical student if they got the chance to. I didn’t say she wasn’t datable it’s just um…

Just what?

JN: Can we get back to something important here? Me and Tyus Clark.

Oh come on we’re just… Oh fine, tell me about Tyus Clark, why are you hating on him so much in the book. Is it because of Trisha?

JN: Trisha got nothing to do with that! Dude is just an arrogant asshole, that’s all there is to it. Wy are we even talking about him anyway, this interview is about me right?

But you just said…


JN: Never mind what I said, just go with what I’m saying. Let’s talk about me, my upbringing. I mean dude, I grew up on the streets of Roxbury and Dorchester in Mass. I was always successful no matter what I did, played football in highschool and was dam good, grades were valedictorian, could’ve gotten any girl I wanted…

That’s right, story goes you were a virgin until you met Carmen Mendoza. Tell us about her. What happened, how did she manage to take something you were holding onto for so long.

JN: Man you’re putting me in some tight spots here. Carmen is a great little woman. I think she’s Peruvian or something like that. Never met anybody like her in my life, just so forward with what she wants and pulls no punches.

Uhuh, that’s not what I asked, I…

JN: What about Miriam? I’m sure fans want to know about how things unfolded with that Bitch?

Umm, well, yeah, I mean, she’s the main antagonist in the first piece of the series. To be honest she creates all the steam in this book, aside from your little playtime with Carmen, your flirting with Arianna, and your eyes on Trisha.

JN: Circumstantial! What’s it like working with Miriam, you were gonna ask? Well, she’s a bitch, imagine we’re both working for the same boss and she tries to buy me off. Sneaky lil trick. I wanted to pound her into the ground, literally and figuratively.

Who wouldn’t, redhead is sizzling hot and seems like she’s make a man melt.

JN: Or woman, that chick got no scruples, but I agree with you man. Gettin’ near her raises my temperature. She’s definitely the hottest villain I’ve ever met, not that I’m a villain. To think she actually throws me into that whole mess of hers..

Did you ever think of anything beyond paying her back.
JN: You’ll see in the upcoming followup, Enemy within the World. Miriam is just one of those women you don’t get next to without trying to get her naked, and trust me the way she’s wired, she’ll let you in. What I find out is that she’s a lot softer and kinder than she pretends she is, ultimately everybody takes advantage of her weakness; her sexual appetite. Without that she’d be the perfect cerebral assassin. Plus she hot.

Dam, just been told we’re running out of time. Anything you want to say to the fans.

JN: Running out of time, we barely scratched the surface.

I know, I’m hoping you’ll come back.

JN: Bet your ass! I want to straighten this whole thing out. I want to get to tell my side of the story. But to the readers, go check out the book Into the Vein Revelation and Revealer, you can find it on Amazon both as an Ebook download and as a paperback. You can find the two formats on Kevin Allen’s Amazon Author’s page or just visit the Author page next to what you’re reading. Read it with an opened mind would you, don;t be like this guy. I’m the good guy and I’ll explain it all when I get back on here.

Thanks for coming Jason. Any last words.

JN: Very funny. Tell all your friends about me after you read my story.

Your story?

JN: My story. Don’t forget to tell me what you thought about me. Peace.




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