Book Review: Into The Vein Revelation and Revealer

You would think a subtitle like Revelation and Revealer would be strictly by the book right? Author Kevin Allen has redefined that thought and a lot of things with a new Supernatural thriller. That seems to be THE plot of Author Kevin Allen in his new novel, Into the Vein Revelation and Revealer. To redefine everything we consider when we view a title. Into the Vein takes aim at satisfying everything you want in a novel.  The Author pushed the limit of reality and the bounds of madness to create a perfect synergistic world with life-like characters that make you feel as if you’re with them.

The inhabitant of the Earth have been told that there is a judgement as told by the Prophets of old. They were given books their elders called scriptures, they were given laws, and they were given a promise of redemption if they could endure; or were they? Kevin Allen takes historical events, mythology, biblical recordings, and the Ethereal to new heights. You will question if this is truly a fictional novel you’re reading halfway through the pages. The author presents danger and thrill by taking life and stretching the imagination even to controversial bounds.

Reading Into The Vein Revelation and Revealer is a rush of adrenaline. From the beginning where the characters and the storyline is introduced there’s danger floating nearby. The characters are put into motion and suckers you into their true to life version of Earth. This tale is told from the perspective of life in that you know who the bad guys are, but, only to a certain degree. Kevin Allen’s new way of portraying characters will have you hard-pressed to accept the role of hero and that of the villain.

If you’re a fan of the Supernatural, Angels and Demons, life, God, or anything you see happening then this will give you something to think about. It’s not just the action that holds you, not the incredible fight scenes, not the adrenaline rush your mid will get, but the characters and the story itself. The hot new book is incredible in its own right. You’ll celebrate with the characters and suffer each of their faults as they do. You’ll fall in love with them and hate them at the same time. Each character has a dynamic past that adds to the story, when it ends, you’ll just start to understand their struggle and cause.

How many plots and subplots can you include in storyline? Every character is working toward the same goal in their own way. Each character is being manipulated by another as we present the age-old battle of good and evil from a perspective we’ve never seen. This while taking and twisting every bit of reality you know. By the time the novel concludes you will be terrified of what you read, not of Angels and Demons but of the very things you know.

One of the most unbelievable moments comes when one f the leading characters, Tyus Clark, meets a being that redefines everything both he and you know. The being assumes the form of people familiar to Tyus while explaining things f his own past to him, and things still to come in order for him and his unfortunate companions to save Earth. The thought, nothing is as  it seems is solidified through the interaction between the God-like creature and the young man.

Another twist is that of the antagonists fate; whoever heard of an antagonist being antagonized throughout the story? It happens with Into the Vein, and it happens throughout the story. The apparent antagonist is put through a series of unfortunate happenings as she tries to control things from her perspective. Further what is learned about her is that she has a kind heart, and not very villain-like tendencies; just a really bad temper when she doesn’t get her way. Not only that she has an age-old secret that will make you open your eyes when you find out.
Into The Vein Revelation and Revealer is a thrill-ride that makes you question reality. The plot, characters, interactions will immerse you in a few worlds of incredible depth, landing us back on Earth for the beginning of the end when it’s over. You won’t believe what you’re reading and how vivid it’s being presented. The haunting new novel will captivate your senses and hold you in your seat. This is a definite must read and one that you can own in both ebook format and in Paperback from Amazon.

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