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For those of you who have been fortunate enough to go through the pages of Into the Vein Revelation and Revealer, my guest needs no introduction but we’ll give him one anyway. Readers, Avid readers, and newbie readers please welcome Tyus Clark to the Character Chamber for an interview.  Into the Vein is a hot new novel from Author Kevin Allen, whom is new to the writer’s market himself. Mr. Allen self published his first novel in lieu of going the traditional route.  The Supernatural Thriller, Into The Vein, is available in trade paperback and ebook Kindle format on Amazon or though Createspace.

Tyus Clark is our leading man in this first installment of the Into the Vein Series. He is the consummate badboy who turns out to be the actual hero. Tyus as you who read the book went missing at a point in the book, in all honesty, we thought you were dead. But the writer, during the course of writing the novel, saw a need to resurrect you to help out. Later we definitely want to know more about your disappearance and how you managed to survive and show up to save Jason. Right now though, thanks for agreeing to do the interview.

TC: I really didn’t have a choice, but it is whatever man.

Funny! Again welcome, I hope the entire interview goes like this. I want the readers to get to know you intimately. So tell us a little about you; who are you? What makes you who you are? Tell us a little something about growing up on the streets of New York.

TC: Well everybody knows my name is Tyus by now. A for my life in New York, not trying to incriminate myself or get shot because I said something I shouldn’t. What makes me who I am? I guess my experiences growing up did all that.

Wanna elaborate on that last statement?

TC: You kidding me right?

No, but I can see from that look you’re pretty much just gonna ignore me if I keep asking.

TC: Smart man!

Thanks. At the beginning of the book when you get introduced we see you on one of your gigs – Dirty look… I’m guessing you don’t want to talk about that either; moving on. tell us about your relationship with Miriam.

TC: What relationship? Chick just has a way of showing up in my life and messing it up. There really isn’t much to tell because I’m just learning about all the things she’s been setting up in my life. The chick is twisted. I’m learning my moms didn’t even die of natural causes, technically not natural anyway, supernatural is more like it. That Bi-

Family friendly interview man.
TC: Yeah, sorry. Chick is crazy, that’s all I’m sayin’.

I can agree, some of the things I read in the new novel; Into the Vein were just graphic. I can imagine you having to deal with her. What was it like when you learned what was really happening, that your misfortunes weren’t exactly accidental? What wen through your mind?

TC: Finding that trick and emptying a clip in her Mo –

Family Friendly!

TC: Yo, alls I know is the woman been messin’ with my life for a very long time. What I’ve had to do to feed myself and keep myself alive; I just hope somehow she ends up in my hands when it all goes down.

Wow! You look intense. Tell us about your relationship with Trisha Ulundi? I figure we may as well talk about the other woman huh. What’s up with you and her, you two have so much chemistry going? Is there a budding romance of what?

TC: Uh – Yo, Trisha is a great girl. Did you see Arianna, she is slammin’.

I didn’t ask about Arianna, I’m asking about Trisha, she’s hot too. We want to know what’s up with you and her? Have you two gone out on a date since the end of he first release?

TC: Next question.

You really don’t like answering certain questions do you?

TC: So?


Ahem anyway, can we talk about your disappearance. What a dramatic vanishing and reappearing act. The six of you get attacked in the forest right after leaving the white Castle and boom, everyone thinks you’re dead. What was going through your mind when all that happened? Can you tell us about the experience when you found out you weren’t dead.

TC: Obviously when that thing got to me I thought I was dead. I mean, everything faded. But then I find myself walking in complete darkness and then the big monster, Romi, comes out of nowhere. I thought I was dead. What happened next was just awesome! I mean imagine meeting the very thing you are.

For those of you who haven’t read the story yet, Tyus is taken to…

TC: Mind not giving that away, I’m sure people would want to read it for themselves. But I imagine that’s why, Kevin Allen, title the series; Into The Vein. After being a part of the first novel, I can’t wait for Enemy within The World to come out. There’s supposed to be a lot of action.

Enemy Within the World? Are you a part of it? ave you been told anything about it?

TC: I have some of the details. “Enemy within” picks right up from where, Revelation and Revelaer leaves off. The six of us are hiding from Jason, who turns out to be a total douche. A lot of what you didn’t get from the first novel in the series is going to be explained in the second. And man, if you think Kevin Allen went deep into his imaginings for Revelation and Revealer, you got another thing coming.

Is that a revelation of what’s to come?

TC: Haha, very funny.

I thought so. So tell us about your connection to Jason, to the other characters. In the end there is some tie-in to the two of you. Are the two of you related by any chance?

TC: I don’t know about all that. What I do know is, dude is an ass and I had to show him just how much of one.

The final fight scene between the two of you was awesome. Just all that action and special effects that must have gone into it to make it so fast and furious.

TC: The whole book is filled with some awesome fight scenes. Me and Jason wasn’t even the best, but I enjoyed it the most. Peep this, the fight scene before that between me and his boss, that is awesome, kinda, I just wished he would’ve lasted longer; there is, erm, was the ninja too. Minh was handling her business with dude.

Yeah she does present an interesting character. What’s the deal with her? What do you know about her?

TC: Not much. That little Asian woman doesn’t reveal much of anything. If she’s smiling, run, look to find a place to hide, anything to get out of her way. And her short and cute act, dam. She’s kinda hot!

Totally hot! She doesn’t even have to try for sex appeal.

TC: You see it though right?

Hell yeah. What’s she all of five feet tall?

TC: I don’t even think that tall. But she makes up for that with toughness an a fighting style that could scare a Lion. Chick is baaad, man.

Yup. What about this war that you and Jason keeps talking about? I read where you tell Jason, “not all wars are violent;” what did you mean by that? what kind of war are we talking about? What’s happening? What can you tell us about what was written in the pages of, Into The Vein Revelation and Revealer?

TC: Well, the entire novel is about six of us who were chosen to learn about the Angel of Death, so to speak, about to be unleashed on Earth. To be blunt: Death is Coming and we have a chance to stop everything. If we don’t all humanity will die. The depth of the story itself is amazing, some of the things Kevin Allen wrote are mind boggling; imagine meeting your creator? That’s what this guy wrote; God making a last-ditch effort to save humanity through six people. The forces of evil have other plans in mind.

So what happens? What did you find out?

TC: I find out that the forces of evil have no idea what they were dealing with. They have this thought that they’re about to go to war with the Angels again. What I find out is that they really have no idea what’s coming. It’s not just the good guys coming, there’s something else, all of creation and creator are coming with them. That creator is something they never knew or would even consider as being there. Basically they’re expecting a war, but all they’ll get, like everybody else; is righteous judgment. That is what my friends and I are trying to stop.

WOW!!!!! So what you’re saying is that this is like all those movies with us going to other worlds to save it; except now it’s all happening to us?

TC: It’s happening to us. If we don’t start doing, the whole thing is about to come falling down on our heads.

Looks like we’re running out of time, Tyus. I have time for one more question. What did you learn from your involvement in this Supernatural thriller, written by Kevin Allen.

TC: I learned a valuable lesson, not everything you read is exactly what people say it is. I also learned not to trust Jack with a Pistol. He lost my dam 9 Milli.

Hilarious! So still not talking about Trisha huh?

TC: Anyway.

Thanks for stopping by. I’m hoping we can do this again sometime.
For all you readers out there who are interested in a copy of the newest Supernatural Thriller on the literary market; feel free to visit the links below to get a copy. I’m your host, Kevin Allen, thank you for taking the time to read our blog. Read ITV and tell all your friends about it. I think I’ll bring the woman of the Novel, Ms, Miriam in Next time.

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