Good afternoon – Looking Ahead

Welcome back to the blog. Wanted to wish you all a happy Saturday for those of you who happen to have it free. For those who don’t know that while you’re home on your days off we’re working. In a way we’re all in the same boat. A little agenda, I have some exciting interviews coming up. Also VERY excited about a radio interview I was fortunate enough to do with the Reading Circle’s, Mark Medley. Thank you for having me on your show to talk about my Projects, Into the Vein, and also VIP with Jerrice Owens and others.


VIP? Why haven’t I talked about VIP yet? Well to be honest I started blogging about Into the Vein and began expanding. The Lowdown on VIP is coming shortly. VIP is a collection of Urban erotica that I got approached by Jerrice Owens, to Co-Author with 7 other individuals. The names on the cover are, Jerrice Owens, Shawn Hicks, Jason Hooper, Clark Williams, Daniel Graham, Kelvin Jackson, Michael Williams, and your Truly. If you read erotica VIP is definitely a must read.
Coming up next however, will be an interview with one Dr Eugene Walton, author of, African Immigrants and African American: Community or Conflict. I have to tell you the truth, I am reading this book and it is powerful. The book details how the spirits of our forefathers were broken, the tactics used, and quite frankly we can still see the resultant mentality in our loved ones today. Dr Walton leaves nothing to the imagination, even answering the questions as to the relations between African Immigrants of today and African Americans. The revelation will shock you if you even thought you knew the answer. This is a book available in ebook format as a kindle book and in paperback from


I am also lining up three more author interviews and hopefully other book reviews for ya’ll. But definitely check out the blog real soon for the interview with Dr Walton. Look for other works of art popping up for your viewing pleasure soon.

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