The Mental Revision – A writer’s Transition from Hobby to Career


Maybe it’s something you’ve been thinking about while at work. You can see it as easy as you can envision a story. You publishing your work of art and getting the recognition you want from your peers and also developing readership. The transition can be a rough-spot, especially for people green in the art of publishing and promoting. But guess what? Like mot anything else, it can be done, and frankly should be done; it’s your life.

Making the transition from 9 – 5 to writing a a career rather than a hobby is no easy task. Simplicity and realistic goals will get you a long way. The first change that MUST occur is your mental acceptance of what you’re setting out to do. You have to be mentally prepared because it will take a toll on you. You want to become a writer full time. What you’ll find once you begin is that there are a lot of writers on the market, in your genre, and writing your type of book to boot. You’ll also find that most readers, like in anything else has their favorite writers and will be hard-pressed to change. The mental struggle not to give up can break your spirits and leave you struggling to hold onto your 9 – 5 if you do not prepare yourself mentally for the transition.

Write often to keep your skills sharp. We can’t always work on what we’re doing, it’s mentally tiring sometimes. Thankfully, there are companies that hire writers as freelance. These are great because you can find short-term work to help keep you busy. This not only helps you keep your writing skills at their peek efficiency, but can improve your writing and creativity as there are a wide variety of projects available through these channels. More than %99 of the people looking to hire writers also require Good to great grammar, which can help you in editing your own work.

Network as much as possible: Remember that readers are often stuck to their favorite writers. When you network, you meet other authors who you’ll be working with from time to time. The interaction is such that a writer can endorse your work to their readers thus giving you a possible boost to their die-hard fans. Your marketing skills may be good enough to get your work noticed without such practices, but networking with other authors may help you reach your goal of accomplished author, with readers. Networking also lends another side of the literary market, getting to know other authors and their tips and tricks for getting by some things. Chief among them, writer’s block

Developing a tactic for overcoming writer’s block is critical. If you’ve decide that you’re going to be an author you have to be able to get rid of the stresses that cause you to fumble on words. Other authors who go through the same problems are the greatest resources. If you’re alone, you can find ways to break through the mental cage that causes writer’s block. Personally I’ve found breaking away from your regular environment to write as one of the most helpful ways of going about it. Powering up your Laptop and going off to the park, going to a literary cafe, or any number of places can help to bring the words back out of you. But developing ways to cure yourself of writer’s block is an important step that should not be ignored when you decide, writing is your career.
Perhaps the hardest part of all is getting the support of family and friends. Most of the time, it isn’t that they wont support us, it’s that we’re afraid to ask for their support. The honest truth is that you need to do this because you need to learn to sell yourself. Having the support of those closest to you may help your morale in the long run also. Developing your readership takes time, the encouragement you get from friends and family will be priceless. Even if you don’t want to ask you should.

Preparing for  writing career is rough, but not impossible. You have to develop a mental toughness in order to weather the literary storms you will face as a writer. You also need to adjust your thoughts to accept what you’re about to do as it is not an easy thing. Take the time to develop your networks, no matter how you go about it. In this digital age, you may connect with authors on any continent. They can be important resources if you can get writer, especially well-known writers to endorse you.


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