The Writer’s Block: Interview with Author Justina Wheelock


Hello and welcome to the writer’s block. My guest in this segment is Author, Justina Wheelock, author of, Love and Betrayal. This author is known throughout the circuit, as this is her fourth publication. I’m not going to give much away before we speak to her, so let’s get the ball rolling. Justina, thanks for being here and for allowing our readers to get to know you.

WHEELOCK: Thanks for having me.

ALPHAWRITER:  You’re one of the more accomplished authors to be here. Four titles published to date. Let’ talk about them. What are the titles of the books you’ve published and the series they fall under.



ALPHAWRITER: So you write in the genre of Urban Romance by the sound of the titles. The storyline for, LOVE AND BETRYAL, your fourth book, has an interesting beginning, how did that come about?

WHEELOCK:   One of the main characters of, LOVE AND BETRAYAL emerged from, LIKE FALLING RAIN (book two).  The character’s name is Aramis Gravier.

ALPHAWRITER:  Tell us about Aramis Gravier.

WHEELOCK:  Aramis is a lovable bad boy.  He’s a U.S. Marine to his heart.  Like all the men in the Gravier and Aaron families, he’s loaded with sex appeal.  Each one also has a character flaw.   For Aramis it is his tenacious stubborn streak.   He sees the world only one way and he never backs down from a challenge.

ALPHAWRITER:  So, I’m assuming that there’s someone who challenges him in LOVE AND BETRAYAL.

WHEELOCK:  Aramis goes head to head with his best friend, Brian Aaron.  Both Aramis and Brian are attracted to the same woman.  They are both attracted to Ashleigh Hamilton, a slightly younger woman.

ALPHAWRITER:  So, this is a story about a typical love triangle?

WHEELOCK:  Without giving too much away, there’s a reason that Aramis’s romantic desires for Ashleigh are considered taboo.  He has known her since she was a child, but so has Brian Aaron. The twist in this love triangle is that Ashleigh is Aramis’s god-sister. A big brother/ little sister relationship existed Ashleigh’s entire life between Aramis and Ashleigh.

ALPHAWRITER:  WOW, now that is a twist…there go social norms out the window.  Tell us about, Brian Aaron, where did he come from, what’s his input into this luscious taboo?

WHEELOCK: Brian Aaron is introduced in the prequel work of the Aaron Family Series.  The mysterious Brian Aaron is a larger than life eligible bachelor who happens to be a high-powered attorney and politician.  In the storyline for LOVE AND BETRAYAL, Brian is in the middle of a campaign for re-election as a U.S. Senator.  Of course, the politics gets dirty.

ALPHAWRITER: From what I gather, your stories are about how the Gravier and the Aaron men are vicious rivals.

WHEELOCK:  Yes, in the last two works this is true.  But, each story has much more than that.

ALPHAWRITER:  Intrigue; care to give a little meat to that statement.

WHEELOCK: My first work, WHERE LOYALTIES LIE, is about a celibate urban cowboy, LIKE FALLING RAIN work is about an emotionally insecure woman who is a highly trained security agent; TWISTING THE SCRIPT explores what happens when platonic relationships transition.

ALPHAWRITER:  So you hinted at, LOVE AND BETRAYAL being more than a love triangle? You want to let us in on a little of the secret without giving too much away.

WHEELOCK:  I recently finished writing a screenplay based upon LOVE AND BETRAYAL.  The working title is called TERMS OF CONCEALMENT.   The log-line is:  A matriarch fights to keep family secrets covered that will reveal how she crossed the line between love and betrayal.

ALPHAWRITER:  So, who’s the matriarch of LOVE AND BETRAYAL?

WHEELOCK:  Ashleigh Hamilton’s mother, Scarlet Hamilton.  The secrets that Scarlet and Brian hold are poised to destroy Ashleigh’s world.

ALPHAWRITER: Oh hot dam! Hit hint at drama or what. Ya’ll gotta go get this book to see what she’s talking about. Soap Opera material as far as I’m concerned.

WHEELOCK:  Yes, it is. It’s simply in book form at this moment.

ALPHAWRITER:  Tell us about Ashleigh.

WHEELOCK:  Ashleigh Hamilton is an extremely beautiful and sexy compulsive workaholic.  Ashleigh Hamilton left her family home at age eighteen and earned a PhD without her father’s financial assistance.   Her father knew that someone assisted Ashleigh to maintain her above average lifestyle.   The subplot of LOVE AND BETRAYAL revolves around who orchestrated the paperless trail to assist Ashleigh.

ALPHAWRITER:  And there is that “more than a simple love triangle”. What has LOVE AND BETRAYAL been compared to?

WHEELOCK:  The work has been compared to a Dynasty or Dallas with an African American cast.

ALPHAWRITER:  Interesting. You keep really busy.  What’s next with your writing career?

WHEELOCK:  Screenplays have been written for three of the four published novels and my goal is to continue working as a screenwriter for years to come.  However, my first passion is writing novels.  The next novel is entitled KNIGHT MOVES coming in the Aaron Family Series.

ALPHAWRITER:  How can someone reach you and find your works?

WHEELOCK:  Find everything Jwheelock  with a click.   LOVE AND BETRAYAL and all of the works are also available online at Barnes and Noble, Amazon and other online major booksellers.   I’m also no stranger to social mediaFaceBook, Twitter at #Justinawheelock, etc.

ALPHAWRITER: Thanks for coming by the Writer’s Block. We’ll definitely be on the lookout for, KNIGHT MOVES. I’m sure the readers will thoroughly enjoy the twisting tale of a series you wrote. Ya’ll go out and read these books. You can find them on Barnes and Noble both as paperback and Amazon. For Justina, wish you luck in the future. Let us know how your future books turn out. Check the links below for everything Justina Wheelock.

Everything Justina Wheelock

Love and Betrayal on Amazon

Follow Jwheelock on Twitter  #Justinawheelock

6 thoughts on “The Writer’s Block: Interview with Author Justina Wheelock

  1. Justina; you have paid your dues and now you are due…no one deserves it better than you. you kept GOD at the helm all the way and now you are sailing open and smooth seas.
    loveya. cheryl vidrine

    1. Cheryl, I am so honored that you took the time to post a comment. Thank you for bringing so much joy into my life. Again, you bring tears to my eyes…this time it isn’t after hearing one of your fabulous and humorous stories. Love You!

  2. congratulation and this sound like I have to check it out after reading this article.

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