The Writer’s Block: Interview with Sheamiya Chatman

ALPHAWRITER: Hey all, we have our first poet we’re about to add to the show. This young lady has written a book of poetry that will entrance your senses. Her book, The Mistress of the Night can be found and ordered on Amazon. Without further adieu, Please introduce yourself to the writer’s Block.

SHEAMIYA: Hi I’m Sheamiya Chatman.

ALPHAWRITER: Nice to meet you Sheamiya. Thanks for being here. Let’s talk about you and your book, The Mistress of the Night. How old were you when you first started writing?

SHEAMIYA: When I first started writing I was nine years old.

ALPHAWRITER: Wow that’s pretty young, nice work. How did you start writing, what was your first attempts at writing about?

SHEAMIYA: Well, in the fourth grade we had to do a writing assignment, which is when I created my first poem. And while I was writing the words just flowed out of me.

ALPHAWRITER: Tell us a little about this book, what’s The Mistress of The Night about?

SHEAMIYA: This book is about Mother Nature and Love the good and the bad. It’s about the pretty flowers that you see and the strong winds that blow the petals off, and somehow I infuse nature with the love that we feel for a special person. Some of my poems can be dark when talking about love.

ALPHAWRITER: What is the main theme of your anthology?

SHEAMIYA: I wouldn’t say I have a main theme, in the Mistress of the Night you will get a little bit of everything. It’s a melting pot of poems. But I guess if I had to narrow it down it would be Love and Nature.

ALPHAWRITER: Those are two things that literally make the world go ‘round. What can the readers expect when going through your work?

SHEAMIYA: When reading the Mistress of the Night you can expect to feel strong emotions. You can expect the piece to take you back to somewhere that you been before or somewhere you haven’t been.

ALPHAWRITER: Is there anything you’d like to add to our readers?

SHEAMIYA: Yes, It’s a fantastic book, and I feel there is a poem for everyone in this book.

ALPHAWRITER: Where can people find you online, any tell them about all your social media, twitter, facebook fan page, author page, and blog.

SHEAMIYA: I actually just started a blog on wordpress, the African Violet, You can find me on Facebook.

ALPHAWRITER: Looks like you’re all over the place. Where can someone interested in a book of poetry get your book to buy?

SHEAMIYA: Mistress of the Night can be found on Amazon for purchase.
Thank you for coming on the Writer’s Block. Everybody, Sheamiya Chatman. It is a wonderful book of poetry about nature and our home, Earth. Sheamiya, welcome to the literary world. We will be looking for more from you in the future.

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