Into the Vein Cast Interview: Miriam Keresztu


Hey all, welcome back to the writer’s block. I’ve been ignoring my madness and my characters from, Into the Vein and focusing on other ventures, getting things rolling, and such. A you know, Into the Vein Revelation and Revealer is an exciting new novel on the literary market. It is also written by a New Author, Kevin Allen, who we’ll be interviewing on the Writer’s Block soon. We wanted to talk to the cast before we actually get the author on set. One of my characters, Miriam here, has been beating at the sides of my skull to get out and say hello to the world. So tonight, here she is.

Miriam: Puh, here she is? Is this how you address or introduce someone like me?

INT: Listen lady, you just woke me up to do this interview. I was perfectly comfortable enjoying a lazy evening and –

Miriam: You little lazy Mo-
INT: Family show, kids could be reading.

Miriam: Don’t die! Let’s get this started the right way. I want a proper introduction. NOW!

INT: Um… Please welcome our most illustrious guest, Ms. Miriam Keresztu.

Miriam: A little better; now from the top. Make it fast I do have a pedicure schedule in Milan. And don;t look at me like that or I’ll have something done to that eye. Now be quick about it.

Welcome back to the Writer’s Block. I wanted to introduce to everyone our most important guest. She is the main antagonist of the story, she is the backbone of the plot gone awry. This woman is simply the reason Into the Vein: Revelation and Revealer was written. The stories surrounded her and from her all the other characters were derived, in a sense. Please join me in welcoming, the world most powerful woman, Ms Miriam Keresztu.

Miriam: Better, but I am the world’s most important person. Not just woman, person. Please remember that, now get on with the questions I can answer for my fans.

INT: To be honest I didn’t get a chance to write any questions down.

Miriam: Then you’d better start thinking real fast.

INT: Right; why don’t you tell the audience a little about you.

Miriam: It would have been nice to start off with something light, don’t you think. Do I have to think of everything?

INT: Well we –

Miriam: What can I say about myself. I am a very nice person. Don’t you think, just nod. I control all I survey with an iron hand, silken iron of course. What else?

INT: How old are you? Ive heard rumors of –

Miriam: Mind your manners? Next you know you’ll be asking how much I weigh and my size, which is a size five by the way. You like?

INT: Yeah, does look very, um…

Miriam: Put your tongue back in your head. Next question.

INT: In the story, you seem to have a problem saying no; what’s that about? It almost seems unnatural the way you crave sex.

Miriam: I’ll have you know sex is a very natural part of life. It’s how you came to be here isn’t it? But to answer your barbaric question; there is a condition that that man, Aiden put on me when I first met him because he wanted a romp. I didn’t give in then I’ll have you know. I am a lady, it took a while to work its way in, but once it did. Hmm, let’s just say I have a new appreciation for sleeping pills and sleeping in late.

INT: Wanna elaborate on that?

Miriam: Family show remember. Perhaps I can show you after we’re done here. You do seem kind of… aight!

INT: Was that slang?

Miriam: I am quite a diverse woman, I’ll have you know. I am a part of the in crowd. Nothing goes on without me knowing.

INT: Cool, uh, and yes, I will take you up on that. But tell us a little about your interaction with Tyus Clark. I don’t know if you’re trying to kill him or protect him. What’s the deal with you and him?

Miriam: Ah, Tyus. He is an experiment of mine. A strange young man I ran into when he was a child. His talents are quite superb. When I first saw him as a child I was quite shocked by the way he carried himself. So I had first his father, and then mom meet a little accident so I could get him all to myself. Shame how he cried at the loss.

INT: Wait, you mean you had them killed? That’s not in the story.

Miriam: It’s implied, very much so. The thing is, a boy like Tyus didn’t belong with anyone who doesn’t fully appreciate what he could become; a very efficient helper. As for my interest in him… Let’s just say he will suite a very important purpose.

INT: And that is?

Miriam: My business! Next question.

INT: You seem to dominate the storyline until Aiden shows up. Your relationship with him seems strained however. Want to tell us about that; how does a person work with an all powerful boss they don’t like?

Miriam: Well, to be honest. It’s not that I don’t like the man, I do have feelings for him. It’s just, he spoils the show for me. Do you see how this man acts? He acts as if he owns me and I should be appreciative of this fact. I am the most powerful woman in the world and am subject to such indignation at the hands of this man. My pride will not allow myself to be under such subjugative predicaments as he puts me in.

INT: Subjugative; Is that even a word?

Miriam: I spoke it, therefore it is. Any other stupid questions?

INT: You seem to have a very, um, kinky and morbid curiosity about Trisha Ulundi.

Miriam: That little do-gooder? I simply want to turn her out. She is just so prim and proper. I would dearly love to be the one that makes her do bad things.

INT: Are you saying –

Miriam: Don’t be daft! Of course that’s what I’m saying. Do I seem as if I care to hide anything. That little African does everything so perfect, never even so much as a cuss word. By the time I’m done with that bitch she’ll not remember she had even a moment when she wasn’t bad to the core. Then again I may record these early days of hers just so I can torture her with them later. To answer your question, she is the epitome of everything I see wrong with women these days. Meek, humble, and cute. I can stand the bitch to be honest. Next question, helicopter will be here soon.

INT: In Into the Vein you seem to be very carefree, at times thought, you seem to care a lot more than you pretend to –

Miriam: What are you getting at?

INT: You don’t seem like a villain. In fact, you seem like a very nice woman.

Miriam: Villain! Is that what you think about me? Really? How in the world am I a villain, I’m trying to save the world. Further, I’m reputable in the highest monarchs in the world. There is not a gathering that I am not welcomed in. Kings and Queens court me in order to get a glimpse of me. So how in the world can I be a villain? I make laws to protect peons like yourself, I am the one that determine how you will get paid, even this show, I can have it pulled whenever I want. Do you see. I decide what is good and what is bad in this world. Learn your facts before our next meeting. This interview is over. Thank you all for coming, now get off this page. Sit!

INT: But you said-

Miriam: I said sit! The next time I come here have your shit together and do not insult me or I will have you tied to my Bentley and dragged. Do you understand me? The nerve, calling me a villain on my own land. As a matter of fact, I will send you the next batch of questions I’ll answer.You there. Stop writing anything else. Fuck, do I have to do everything. Security. Take his dam hands off the keyboard. Break them if he resist. Shut this set down, now. You out there, go get Into the Vein to see for yourself that I am a good woman. Such slanderous lies from this imp will not do me justice, nor would it do me any good to waste my hands on him. Guards, beat him up!




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