Alpha News Update: 2011 New Year’s Resolution Accomplished and Planning 2013


I had to share this. 2011 I made a New Year’s Resolution and ran with it. 2012 I am already done and planning for 2013 when I set out to become a Full Time author. How will I accomplish that task? Let’s take a look at what 2012 has seen from yours truly, Kevin Allen aka Alpha /Meta – writer :), yes I was the first to use those monickers, :p to the ones using the dot coms. Anyway let’s take a look at what has transpired since making my 2011 resolution.


Ghosted VIP With Jerrice Owens and 7 others in May of 2012. Published on Amazon Kindle. VIP is an Urban Erotic Anthology put together by Jerrice Owens who actually found me and hired me to write a short for this book of 20 pages. The work was interesting to say the least since I’d never done anything like it. Currently we are working on a part 2. If you like this genre feel free.




In July of 2012 I finished, edited and self-published Into the Vein: Revelation and Revealer. This is the first five books into the fabled war for the Earth between Angels, Humans, and Demon alike. I also searched around and chose to use Create Space, a book publishing company associated with Amazon to Publish Into the Vein in Paperback, for those who want to own it for when I begin book signing tours. Here’s your chance. I began marketing this product and am seeing decent results for a beginner. But I know to make good on my resolution for 2013 I need help. That is why I have signed a contract with the CL3 Agency to be my publicist. I spoke to Carolyn Hall and negotiated, they have a very good price for us starving artists and I know I wanted help marketing. Currently they are looking to push my image and make me a brand. If you wish to support, go buy the book, download it, purchase the paperback and look out for me in a place near you soon. So excited.

In August of 2012 I did something different. I wanted to share my own techniques for getting things done in ways only I could. I wanted to share some things I’ve learned along the way to getting myself what I want. The way to be successful, how I’ve gone through life renewed. I created and Published, Unlocking Your Success Gene. I used the same channels as I did with ITV a month before. Available on Amazon as both a Kindle and Paperback for those who want the keepsake.



In The works is the sequel to VIP with Jerrice Owens and the Group. Also in the works is Into the Vein: Enemy Within The World, the follow up to ITV R&R, and another title which I will not name. Let’s just say that you will be thrilled by what I have in the works. for next year. I am making sure to keep you up on the news surrounding yours truly. If you wish to support my efforts then by all means purchase, purchase, purchase and hit the like button on any one of the books I am involved with. Please leave feedback if you feel it. Or you can hit the follow button on my blogs and share the information you see.

I’m also Featuring other Authors as I go along. One of the things I began doing to stay active and to share in my success and the success of others is to do Free Author Interviews. If you’re an artist, poet, Author, or whatever you do artsy and want to share your story with the world come on board. I am also putting together ways to get noticed as I move along marketing my own products I am learning how to effectively market books and will be sharing my expertise with others. But definitely feel free to take advantage of the Free Author Interviews.

How else can you support? You can support by reading and sharing these blogs as I bring you updates on myself and on new novels by other authors trying to make it. Indie Authors are all over the place and I for one am doing what I can to make sure I’m not the only one who gets a leg up for this year and next.

If you’re not familiar with me, my name is Kevin Allen, Author of the Into The Vein series, a Supernatural Thriller. You will know who I am by next year if you don’t after reading this. Support me and other artists on this page by purchasing our work, sharing our content, following this blog, or becoming a part of the Alphauthor Community. Looking forward to everything I will be sharing with you.




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