Time Painfully Spent Away Turns into Something Good

I have a lot of catching up to do. I have been down with the flu for the whole week people. Messy thing. Haven’t caught the thing in nearly 4 years and in one weekend spent an entire week trying to recover from the hyper-cold we now call, flu. But I am back on my feet and able to focus. So, expect things to get back on track.
So I had to apologize to a Lyndsey walker who was expecting her Author Tallis Piaget  to be posted last week. Expect the Interview to be posted this week as I get back in stride.

I have also learned that I am being promoted on Black Planet by Black Planet, and now boast over 5,500 fans and friends combined and growing on BP. I am being promoted as a long standing, active member who has been posting content on BP for some time now. To Black Planet, I am very appreciative of this effort and initiative. Nothing beats the connections I’ve gotten from Black Planet and I plan on being an active member for the life of BP.

What’s that mean for Interviews or book review on Alphauthor

Well Duh – it means that now you’re addressing a potential audience of 5,500 eyes from one source, Black Planet, that does not include the social sites like Twitter, facebook, linkedin, digg, or other social sites where my posts are read. Combined, there may be over 8,000 eyes viewing each post without me spending a dime. That means good exposure for everyone who comes across the Alpha blogs. For the book reviews, add those to the numbers for the paid ads that you will have with me.
Getting sick may have been the blessing I need this week. Seems things are going to be huge soon. Looking forward to sharing Tallis Piaget’s Interview with you all. Looking forward to sharing some writing with you all. Will be positing again soon, as I have missed communicating with ya’ll. Blessing for the day.

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