The Writer’s Block with Tallis Piaget


Our next guest, Tallis Piaget has written a very intriguing novel titled, Black Boogie men. We wanted to welcome Tallis to the Writer’s Block the proper way and get some details on his book so you know what you’re getting into when you read his work. Welcome to the writer’s Block with Alphawriter.

TAL: Thanks for having me. Hello readers and bookworms.

INT: Tell us about your latest novel in 20 words or less:

TAL: My latest, Black Boogiemen, is a vigilante unites a group of men waging war against and ridding the inner cities of all its plights.

INT: What has been the most exciting part of being a published author?

TAL: Knowing that other people are reading and loving my material.  My friend recently visited a local restaurant.  While there he noticed my book inside of his waiter’s smock.  After inquiry, the waiter told my friend, “I can’t put this book down.”  How cool is that?  Some non-bias, random guy reading and loving my book.  That is most certainly the best and most exciting part of this process.

INT: What has been the worst part of being a published author?

TAL: This is a very easy question.  The worst part has been the marketing process.  One will never realize how many books are available until one attempts to infiltrate the market with his own book.  Even when your material is light-years above the rest, it is still really difficult to separate your work from the pack.  In a nutshell, the worst part of this endeavor is getting my book to the masses.

INT: If you could talk to your former self, what advice would you give him?

TAL: Oh my, how often do I sit and ponder this question.  There are so many things…  I believe the first thing I would tell my former self is to truly understand what’s important: to understand that most of the things this world encourages him to pursue are meaningless, that most material possessions that people tout as all important really aren’t, and that his time is far more valuable than money.  I would tell my former self that the world is so much bigger than the little bitty box most people put it in.  I would also tell my former self that he has the power to accomplish feats that he believed only possible in dreams.  I would just let him know that happiness will never come from others, only from within.  And I would merely reiterate these philosophical ideas over and over until they began to reside.

INT: What has been the harshest critique you have ever received concerning your writing?

TAL: My harshest critique was probably the only bad review I’ve received (thus far).  I must admit, since publishing this book, I have heard nothing but rave reviews.  Even as the author, I have been stunned by the onslaught of extremely positive accolades.  So when I received negative feedback for the first time, it was a surprise.  With such and overwhelming rush of positivity, I had almost forgotten that “NOT” liking my book was a possibility.  From what I know, he is still the one and only person that doesn’t love my book.

INT: Yeah reality does have a way of kicking in, but you have to stay focused on the positive aspects. So to all the fans that are curious. What else can you tell us about your Novel, Black Boogiemen? Just don’t give it all away now.

TAL: It’s about crime and the relentless pursuit of bringing those who commit crime to justice. It’s something we all wish we could do when we see a wrong done, we want to right it.

INT: Thanks for giving us that little verbal preview of your work Tallis. Do you have any last remarks, advice, or comments for those upcoming Authors who are reading our program tonight?

TAL: Don’t give up on your dreams. Write until you can’t write anymore.

INT: Do you want to tell our readers where they can find you and your book in print. Any social media you want them to know about,Where your books can be found in print?

TAL: You can order my book online from Amazon, through Barnes & Noble Bookstores, and you can also find me on Goodreads with my fellow authors.

There you have all the details. Don’t forget to check out our other authors reviews as you may find a new readings here on the Writer’s Block. Thank you for taking the time to be with us. We have great book reviews for you as well and news. Be on the lookout for the next Author interview coming soon. Remember all Author interviews are Completely FREE, yes, I said free. As always, we look forward to seeing you again. Don’t forget to check out other titles from authors featured on, The Writer’s Block found below.



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