Forging Partnerships to Market for New Authors


Have you taken the time to browse through everything yet? Have you seen the New Book Portal I added? I wanted to make the blog Reader Friendly. What I ended up doing was creating a bookstore of sorts, called the Book Portal. Here I’ll feature a Maximum of 60 Title Annually for your reading pleasure. I’ve also updated the Contact form to reflect what I’m doing. The FREE author review exchange continues. You can interview for FREE on the writer’s block and get seen by the readers that pass through here.
But Mr. Alpha, how do I get listed on the Book Portal? It’s no secret that it will cost. Just check out the Author Services section to find out more details and contact me if you’re interested. But here’s what I’m doing with the Book Portal. When you go on you’ll notice that it looks something like a bookstore. The top 5 slots are reserved as an annual package deal to have your book reviewed, listed, and marketed Coop fashion and solely on Google Adwords, yeah I am doing that. What happens when you decide to get reviewed or opt for the Free Author Interview  is that you have the option of being included in the Book Portal. Google Adwords is already set up and running an ad on the page. Packages for the Book Portal range from monthly to annual packages, prices will be given upon request. Once things begin to spin right I also plan on using Amazon and B&N PPC marketing to drive even more traffic. That means, Max exposure. The fact that I will limit the Title Count to 60 for the year should also tell you that you will be noticed.

FREE Author Interviews, what’s the catch? There is no catch, you get on my platform for FREE with an Author Interview that stays on the page for the life of the blog, also migrates if and when I get the operating budget to upgrade to a pro WP blog that gives me all the benefits. This is marketed to my social media links and will also benefit from the Adwords marketing I have running. Author Interviews are only done once per week Max or better spread out over a four week span to give Authors Ample Show time. You also help market by sharing your Interview with your social bookmarks.

What’s the deal with the Low prices on Book reviews? Is it real? I keep it 100 here. Book Reviews are a good way to get the word out about a New Title even before you release it. A Book Review is an invaluable tool. A Book Review with promotions and Marketing behind it is a lot better. When you do a Book Review with us, you not only get to choose your pricing, but you get to use a mind that is expanding daily in the literary marketing venture, someone who understands what it is to struggle because I do what you do. Now, The prices are as stated, this is a coop marketing for Authors. Everything you pay me goes toward marketing what you see here. When you do a Book review with me, you choose the level of marketing you wish to sponsor. I decide from there what to do with the funds. Your Book review gets a Adwords or other Social Media marketing based on how much you decide to add. The rest is used for Operational and Improving the Block for everyone who appears here.

What do you feature? So far we’ve featured mainly New and Established African American Authors. New Authors often find it difficult to break into the market. Sometimes they give up because their books sit around for years with no purchase. It’s not because the book is no good, it’s because they don’t know where to turn and what to do. That’s where I come in. When I wrote my first Novel, Into the Vein, I had no idea what to do once I published it on Amazon. I searched until I discovered Amazon also had a service called CreateSpace  and Published it as  Paperback also, whichis now available through various vendors on Amazon. Here Bookstores can purchase the Paperback at Wholesale prices. I did my research and I want to help other Authors do that. But I can’t if you don’t reach out. Just hit the contact button and talk to me. Advice is Always FREE, Interviews are FREE, and others services can cost you very little.

Are You Alone? NOPE. I have Carolyn Hall of the CL3 Agency doing my promotions. She has been awesome so far, so no, I’m not alone by Any means. As a new author with a mind for business, I found it difficult to work full time and be able to promote what I do. When I found Carolyn and CL3 through a referral on facebook and made sure I stayed with her after talking to her the first time. Her work is Invaluable and an integral part of what I do. CL3 Agency has since scheduled my first Book Expo on December 7 to 8th in New York as Part of the Mind, Body, and Spirit Symposium. You can meet me, purchase either title I have to sell and have you book signed right then and there. If you have time, visit the MBS site and check out the details. Hopefully I will see you there.

As a new author myself I definitely know the Burden of trying to make it. That is why I created this platform the way I did. You can see I’m still taking the steps to make it. But what you will find is that this format, even when I upgrade will not change, the prices will remain low to allow Starving artists like myself access to good marketing. If you have any questions as always feel free to ask. Advice is always Free, New authors are always welcome, African American Authors are definitely welcome, and I keep things hot over here. Be on the lookout for our next Author Interview coming on the 31st with a young lady going on E tour. If you’re here, visit the Book Portal and support the artists already there. If you need marketing or help marketing you see the contact button, use it. If you’re an avid reader, welcome to your new favorite hangout. Looking forward to sharing more soon. If you’ve read this far – You know you found your new place for books – trust me.

2 thoughts on “Forging Partnerships to Market for New Authors

  1. We are honored to form such a partnership with AlphaAuthor and truly look forward to our progressive building for the betterment of Authors and Speakers. Our launch for this collaborative is set for December 2012 so watch out 2013!! THANK YOU KEVIN:)

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