The Writer’s Block Interviews Kevin Allen

Welcome back everyone. I wanted to do something a little bit different today. Take the time to interview an author that is both just starting out in his career and provides a voice for other authors coming up. This author needs a little introduction, admittedly. His name is Kevin Allen, Author of Into the Vein: Revelation and Revealer, and Unlocking Your Success Gene. Yes it is a little vain seeing that it is yours truly, but to anyone else that says that :p, that is a raspberry, make no mistake about it. I am my own feature today, so without further delay. Welcome Yours truly, Kevin Allen to the Writer’s block, let’s get nuts.

Alpha: Kevin, welcome to the writer’s Block. How does it feel to be here?

Kevin Allen: To be honest, it feels kind of different being on the receiving end of an interview. But it’s great to be the author looking in for once.

Alpha: Nice to have you, erm, me. Why don’t tell our readers a little about you and your walk to Publication.

Kevin Allen: What Can I say; I decided in 2011 that I was going to finish and Publish, Into The Vein once and for all. I put myself to work right after that. Subsequently I also got hired by Author Jerrice Owens to help with another Title called VIP, an Urban Erotica. Interestingly enough it was just what I needed because I was having problems writing in the erotic scenes of Into the Vein.

Alpha: Woa, Woa! Wait a minute, I thought ITV R&R was a religious book. I mean, Revelation and Revealer says God, the book of Revelation, Angels and Demons. How in the World did you fit erotica into something like that?

Kevin Allen: Into the Vein is a lot of things. First and foremore it is the beginning of the ITV series. Next up is Enemy within the World, it is coming along fine. What I wanted to do with Into the Vein was to find ways to mimic the current situations we all know, take lessons from various religious beliefs, various mythologies, and create something completely new. Yes, ITV is about God, Angels, Demons, and such but it is much much more than that. The Clever Title is just the beginning of what’s really contained within the pages and the pages to come.

Alpha: Erotica? Explain that part, how did that get in and what happens?

Kevin Allen: When we open the pages of Into the Vein the reader realizes quickly that they’re in for a treat. You’re immediately introduced to Jack Stewart who seems to have very little to do with the book. But Jack will have his moment. As the story develops the reader is taken on a ride where these people are kidnapped and dragged into dangerous situations.

Alpha: Erotica!!!!!

Kevin Allen: I was getting to that.

Alpha: get to it faster.

Kevin Allen: There are some very steamy scenes in ITV, Miriam, the villainess for one thing is a very sensual woman. I believe the medical term for her is Nymphomaniac. Her sexual appetite is so high that she will sleep with anyone around her when her urges take hold of her. Let’s just say that her erotic scenes are off the chart and quite surprising.

Alpha: So this isn’t a religious Book?

Kevin Allen: No, but it has some deeply religious undertones. The them is basically the book of Revelation. But I wrote this book to be as close to life as possible. The thing is I didn’t want another third earth-like saga, I didn’t want another starwars, or for that matter another Narnia. I wanted Earth. There’s so many interesting things on our planet that we have never really explored and so much happening that we deaden ourselves to it. The action surrounding everything is focused on Bringing Earth to terms with what it is and the wars coming, and something else.
Alpha: oooooooh Intrigue – Care to Elaborate on what that something else is?

Kevin Allen: No.

Alpha: fine… What’s the genre of this book, it sounds like a Scifi Novel?

Kevin Allen: No, I mean, it can be. This Book comprises of Supernatural, Paranormal, Action & adventure, Spiritual, personal, religious, and so much more. It is so real-to-life that when you read it you will draw parallels to some things you may even know. But this is only the beginning, it is a definitely a book you may end up reading two or three times just for the sheer rush to your imagination. But a specific genre, let’s say Supernatural Thriller.

Alpha: You know what… Wow. So you were saying you worked with this, Jerrice Owens. Any other projects you have going?

Kevin Allen: Well, to be honest. I did actually finish another title. Unlocking your success Gene.

Alpha: I did mention that, so within the space of one year you wrote three books and published them.

Kevin Allen: I personally wrote two books, and Coauthored another with some great writers.

Alpha: Busy guy. Tell us a little about Unlocking Your Success Gene.


Kevin Allen: Unlocking Your Success Gene is a wonderful work of art. The book is a very simple explanation of things one can do to achieve success. There’s no complicated processes, this book does not teach you any secret techniques, doesn’t require that you spend time doing any rituals, you don’t have to buy beads, or anything like that. Unlocking Your Success Gene simply teaches you, the reader, how to use those often ignored habits we do so often.

Alpha: You’ve really been busy. Anything else we should know about?

Kevin Allen: Yes, Look for me in Woodbury, NY on December 7th and 8th at the Mind, Body, and Spirit Symposium. I will have a booth where I will be selling autographed copies of Both books. I will also have some order forms so if I run out of copies people can order and still have them autographed. I’m also thinking I may give away a few copies randomly. So you may have a chance to walk away with something free. You will also get to hear some great speakers. These guys are powerhouses who have been doing their empowerment thing for years.

Alpha: You really are making this happen.

Kevin Allen: You better believe it. I want to be accomplished. I want to write full time for a living and I will bring only the best for the people who adopt me as their writer. I’m also looking for Endorsements from authors who have a good reader base, so if you’re one and see this, you could own a copy of ITV and or Unlocking Your Success Gene.

Alpha: Where can our readers find copies of your Books.

Kevin Allen: You can Browse my Authors Page on Amazon. Or simply go through the books online. If you’re a bookstore or curator, you can purchase books at wholesale from CreateSpace. You can also order from me directly for a discount on the Create Space Pricing so you can resell at a lower price. Just hit the Contact button on the writer’s Block.

Alpha: Where can our readers find you.

Kevin Allen: Oh boy. I am on Facebook, Twitter, Blackplanet, Amazon. I am pretty much all over the place. Take your poison I’m there. I will soon be in a store near you and will be doing Book signings once I get well known. Look for dates and appearances near you soon.

Alpha: I know you have something to say to the Book stores thinking about your books.

Kevin Allen: I do. When you purchase my books and let me know, I will do my best to make an appearance for one or two days that you initially begin selling, barring conflicting dates of course. For those who order directly from me, especially local to Mass, or New York, or CT, I will make the trip to come and do Book signings of every copy you sell of any of my books.

Alpha: And there you have it. Thank you for appearing on the Writer’s Block. Ladies and gentlemen. Bookstores, you’ve heard the talented mr Kevin Allen. Please feel free to leave a comment letting him know what you thought of his interview and if we should bring him back. Feel free to contact me or me, find us on facebook, twitter and so many other place. Look us up on google and Amazon. Don’t forget you can find Kevin Allen’s books in the Book Portal right here on the Writer’s Block And as always Good night.

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