Endless passion
The romance of stones
the way we dance
under the fervent fragrance
She was a lover I’d prefer to keep
I felt her love even while I sleep
she caught my wondering eye and kept it locked
to her, her words, to the crown of her locks
wondering around at nights hoping to glimpse her
hearing her in my mind like a silent whisper
at times even when we’re miles apart
I swear it’s a whispering that tears at my heart
and her smile
her smile could carry me miles
without waning in intensity
It dances for me taunting me like destiny
the way she seduces
makes a men call truces
even in the throws of victory
she will have nothing under the sun
for she align herself with none
never alone she reminds me
I am with you look and see
she whispers
when tears threaten, she makes sure I listen
holding me while I sit and grieve
she and only she is my reprieve
and oh how she loves
she indeed loves
like the day beyond today will never come
she lays it all for me now
the romantic escapade
she takes her time to serenade
my senses tingle because she plays the strings
she plays till I become just her thing
What else can I do
I am her mindless muse
she speaks, dam she speaks
words that leave me happily meek
still I check for her
even in the late ember
of the days
I listen and listen to be graced
Such a lovely sound this silence of hers
a symphony of echoes
stirring only on the wind
yet in my mind
she frolics and spins
her stories, those tails
For which I completely surrender my will
I weep I wail
I lay in this blissful jail
And here I await, silently still
the Endless passion to renew
in me, in you

—Kevin Allen—

2 thoughts on “Life

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