The Writer’s Block With Author Triche Christmon & Her Chocolate Notes

Triche ChristmonHey all, welcome back to the writer’s Block. I wanted to do something after featuring, “Life”, soon to be a part of a collection of poetry to steal the hearts and minds of readers everywhere. But I went out and did something even better. I’m bringing back more poetry, no not me; this is from a young woman named Triche Christmon who came hard with a little black book called, Chocolate Notes. When I see something like this I get very interested so I want to know as much as I can about her and her collection of words. Know what, let’s meet the lady behind the little Chocolate Notes shall we.

Alpha: Triche Christmon, welcome to the Writer’s Block, Please tell us a little about you so we may know the soul of what we’re reading.

TC: Thanks for having me here. Looking forward to the next few bars. Well, I’m witty, creative, spiritual, sensual, loving, poetic, generous woman with a dynamic personality that loves to love. I am a quintessential bohemian! I am seeker and student of truth and knowledge and encouraging people I meet to support the “Love Movement”. The Love Movement is helping people get back to that good old fashion love…you know that Al Green “Let’s Stay together Love”…that sitting on a porch 60 years later, I’m still in Love with you love! This is my story and I want to share with you my experience through the journey of love and the different stages of a relationship that make up the chapters of “Chocolate Notes”. Enjoy!

ALPHA: How do you find time to connect with God? Why don’t you tell us a little about that please.

TC: Every day I connect with God. With wisdom comes more understanding. My mother also instilled in me at early age the importance of having a relationship with GOD. I get closer to God every day. As I’ve gotten older I’m able to fully understand my purpose and connect with the most high on a metaphysical level because I am after all a light and a spiritual being.

Alpha: Who are your favorite authors? Favorite books? Triche

TC: Sister Souljah The Coldest Winter Ever

Toni Morrison The Bluest Eye

Alpha: Tell us about your journey to publication.

TC: It has taken me 20 years to get to this point. I started writing right out of high school for Styles The Contemporary Hair Magazine. The publisher gave be some of the best advice in my life, she said find that “it in life” that you are passionate about and you will always be successful. I love to write. I choose journalism as my degree at Clark Atlanta University; however I changed to Public Relations to offer me more opportunity to be creative and work with people. I have also always kept a journal. So in college I started to notice that my daily thoughts were poems so I then stared to keep a separate journal just of these thoughts of relationships and 20 years later thank you God here I am! I’m a firm believer about timing and we are on Gods time and he is ALWAYS on time. This is my time I am accepting this blessing and God has charged me with a mission to spread love.

Alpha: Tell us about your current book, Chocolate Notes.

TC: Chocolate Notes is a collection of poems that were written to flow like a relationship. In the beginning there’s attraction which leads to courting, and then the joy of falling in love. From there it’s the pleasures of sex, and then, there’s the dreadful breakup.

Alpha: How did you come up with ideas for this book?

TC: My daily journal was definitely a key player, besides, I started to notice my poems were becoming a collection. Then one day I had an epiphany and said let me organize this collection like the stages of a relationship. And said let me organize this collection like the stages of a relationship.

Alpha: What valuable lessons do you want readers to learn from your book?

TC: To embrace love and support The Love Movement

Alpha: That is deep and love is always appreciated. What’s next for you?

TC: Now that God has blessed me with motherhood, I will be releasing a guide to motherhood and raising an organic baby. I also have a self-help relationship book I’m working on where I really want to start conversations about what happened to love?

Alpha: Where can visitors find you online?

TC: Please go to Amazon where you can purchase your copy in paperback or PDF download.Enjoy and God bless! They can also follow me on Twitter My handle is @Chocolatenotes1… Or they can find me on Facebook and like to follow for the latest updates.

Thank you Triche. Hope ya’ll enjoyed your steamy visit to the writer’s Block featuring the very talented Triche Christmon. I hope you will all go out and support the continuation of Poetry in life by supporting Triche with a purchase and some likes. Share those poetic moments and enjoy every second of it. See you soon with another feature. Let’s leave off with one of Author Triche Christmon’s Recites.. Triche the floor is yours.

TC: This one is entitle, “YOU”

You are so special

You are cognizant of my needs

You fill me up with you

You tantalize my senses

You energize me

You make being in love

So exciting and new

Every day with you is brand new

I crave you

When you are not there

To hold me tight

So I hold on tight

When I’m by your side

Cause you are my everything

So special, so precious

I’m lucky to have found

Someone like you

I thank my heavenly father

For allowing you

To come into my life

What a joy

To be with you!

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