Slave to The Dancer


Lustfully taunting, her strut

that smooth motion as she stalks

my reality with her presence

She’s jovial at once and hellbent

On making me take notice

Of her existence

I watch I watch and wonder why

The hell would a woman so fine decide she has to try

But her sultry moves makes me take notice

And thank all heaven whatever insecurity

Has her putting on this show for me

As I watch her hips swinging for me slowly

Dam, wish I had a dollar

Her body moves slowly, making me hotter

I feel my nature respond to her

I want to rush over and grab her

But I gotta be patient

Enjoying her show as I wait

The lyrics of her body has me swooned

My world filled with this beautiful muse

She makes me sit up now

Almost still and slow

My breathing heavy and labored

And she shows no sign of tapering

Her show goes on still

Dancing, swiveling, a crushing Mill

The dance she gives

Freely I think, makes me alive

In ways only a woman can

When she decides to do what she can

She touches me, succulent lips bruise my leg

Moving on me, I start to beg

End this and come to me

All she does is smile, it starts a silent soliloquy

Of demand for something

And she refuses, teasing me

I want to hold on and wait till she finishes her shake

But hips hold my eyes prisoner, hips like a snake

The slow subtle curls

She lets me touch, just graze those luscious curves

And touches me again

This time holding onto My standing pistol

Painfully evoking

My emotions with her stroking

I make sounds she ignores

They’re her payment for this show

Her dance continues on

Her eyes swallow me whole

When she turns to peephole

Her willing victim sitting squirming

Wishing she would end the tourture

Give me what I want Dammit

I demand to her amusement

I feel lips engorge for a split second

Then lets me dangle, an unused weapon

A laugh escapes her

She knows I want her

But to have her, a decision left to her whim

A decision she will make at some point

I lay back and decide to ignore until

She lays on me

Plays on me

For a while I grab and grope

Like a horny schoolboy with no hope

I listen to her breathing heavily

Then finally

I feel she surrenders

I know by her waver

The soft sounds that escapes her

The fact that her dress slowly unravels

The sound of her

With that condescending whimper

I take what’s mine finally

Hoping against hope I can handle it

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