The writer and the Writer

Rossetti was interested in figures locked in e...

Good morning one and all. Welcome back to the writer’s block. Since I have no authors to feature this month I wanted to feature some of my current works. Did you all like the poems you saw? I know, there are just two of them here. I want to post more but I wanted some opinion. I am trying to conspire a book of poems, that’s right I said conspire. I want to put together a book of poems and release it I just don’t know if I want to waste time with the thing or just give poetry away. Poetry in my view should be free… But I am insane so I wanted opinions.

There is also the concept of switching genre. Since I’m not a fully established author, I wanted to write in multiple Genre and I am in some ways. What are your thoughts on doing this? Should I establish myself as this type of author, or that type of author before I start meandering off into other realm?

I know I know I’m blabbering on and on about me without any real substance; or am I?

Let’s talk about your for a while. What are you planning this year? As an author there are so many things to plan, so much to do. Querying of agents, working with people, working for people, seeking publication, contests and such. Have you planned out what you need to do? It’s early in the year no doubt, and there are a myriad of things to plan. For one thing, do you want to be an Indie Author or would you tread the line of both? Let’s talk.

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