Shadow of the Streets: Midnighlight Release news

Shadow of the StreetsI am back at it again. This time I have just released, Shadow of the Streets: Midnight through Indie Publisher, GCP (Game Changing Publication). Shadow of the Streets: Midnight is the first in a series of short stories that will be released periodically in genres ranging from Paranormal, erotic, urban fiction, and so on. SOTS Midnight was released and labeled paranormal erotica because of the heavy adult content written in. So far, it has been releases to Amazon as a Kindle Ebook and waiting for approval from Barnes & Noble to be released as a Nook Book.

Sitting down to write Shadow of the Streets I wanted to create something fun, raw, entertaining, and insatiable. I wanted something different, something that would make people take notice and pay attention. I did just that; Shadow of the streets runs 25,000 words, is entertaining, and would be great to for those lonely nights. So power up your Kindle and soon your Nook, and prepare to be fully riled by this tale of the netherworld.

What should you expect with Shadow of the Streets? SOTS comes complete with ghosts, goblins, and a complete ghost rape scene on the main character. Imagine you’re a man sleeping in bed and suddenly feel the sheets moving from off of you. Then you’re pinned and mounted by an unseen force and ridden until exhaustion. That’s what happens with when the main Character Andrew Maxiel meets the first ghastly character face-to-face, so to speak. When the first encounter is over he goes about trying to figure out what is happening to him, which then sets the tone for a showdown between a powerful force haunting the world and himself.

The reader can expect to be entertained thoroughly by the first release of Shadow of the Streets. Published now as an Amazon Kindle, you can expect to be entertained and heat up your Kindle and soon Nook as well. This Scifi effort is sure to leave you wanting more. Go read this new short release by Author Kevin Allen on Amazon or through the Nook books. Become a part of the experiences. Have your wits mesmerized by the author’s writing style and your emotions ravaged by the characters.

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