Catching up On My Week

It has been crazy. I am reading The Awakening-3 by Angella Graff. And will be doing a review of it. So far, good stuff but I have to tell you; read this book if you’re into things that go bump in the night. It’s the stuff of Myths and legends I tell you.  have also taken the time to start revamping my Author Bio for better content to reflect what I actually do instead of the little story that was there before. Along with that, school and getting things in place to do bigger and better things in the world of literature.

The week started with me opening Awakening 3. I’d promised to do a review on it in exchange for Angella doing a review on one of mine and also, Author interview exchange. The real work in reading this masterpiece is finding time to complete it. Still working the 9 – 5 I find it hard to actually find some quiet time during the day to go through it, so I read at nights, when the lights are supposed to be out.

I am also ghosting 5 guns Blazing by UK Indie Author, Emma Rose Millar. As an indie author looking to break the mold and find and agent, or traditional publisher I’ve found that I need to keep a hectic pace, networking with as many authors as possible. Five Guns has been a pleasure to write. I find Emma’s style very intriguing, and emulating her style has given me a new found playground on which to unleash my talents, at least try anyway. So far, so good, and in the end I can only hope that my talents do her work justice as we embark on a novel of epic proportions.

Speaking of Epic. Have I mentioned my newest solo Novels yet? We know about Shadow of the Street’s raw entrance into the world of fiction, shame on you if you don’t. Go directly to Amazon and purchase your copy for 99 cents. Go now!  It is a very dark, funny, yet touching Novel about love and betrayal of the darker kind. It did get a five star rating, not from me, so I know it’s good.

But the project I’m speaking about is Con-Sensual, The thrill ride waiting to happen. It has elements of erotica, definitely some action, and a murder mystery that will hold you on the edge of your seat. I love writing this novel because of the feel of the characters. They just seem to be right here watching me pink them into life. The lead detective is going t have a surprise to deal with along with a relentless enemy who will stop at nothing to get his attention. Why he wants his attention will be the sweetest part of the plot, setting up something that will ignite a thrill ride to the end.

That’s my crazy week in review; the rest, well, life happens and I have to deal with it so I can produce these works. They won’t write themselves… I do wish.


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