Beating Writer’s Block in The Most Simplest Ways

Writer's Block
Writer’s Block (Photo credit: hannahspanna)


Writer’s block can be a pain. I’ve heard so many writers speak about having it and can’t focus enough to get their pages completed. Writer’s block can be a devastating ailment to many a writer over the course of their career. It’s something that can halt production for an author to their works for days, weeks, months, or even, yes, say it with me, YEARS. Writer’s block is a horrible thing to develop. But how can we get over it?


Believe it or not, writer’s block, not the one you’re reading now, but the mental ailment to many writers is just a form of stress. It is curable not by tangible things, not in most cases anyway, but by focusing on the task at hand. Authors throughout the ages has been battling writer’s block in one stage or another since the dawn of the pen & ink. Writers sometimes have been forced to go through extravagant means to finally resist the urge to freeze up mentally.


But curing the ailment can be as simple as it started or beyond complex. Keeping it simple is one of the best options. Let’s look at something here. When we have writer’s block we want to go out of our way to do things that excite us into writing. Let’s be clear here. These are only distractions from what caused the stump in the first place. Simple is the best way to get through it and simple demands just doing the things you were used to before the blockage. So what can we do to keep the cure for writer’s block simple?


Writing is definitely a simple cure. I know, writing, writer’s block, they don’t go hand in had… or do they? When we have writer’s block, writing small pieces such as paragraphs, sentences, or other little snippets can affect your blockage. When we begin to write little pieces we affect the brain’s ability to create in some positive ways. You may soon find yourself engorged in your project again. There is also something to be said for sentence writing. Putting one or two sentences onto the same manuscript can help you forge ahead even with writer’s block one sentence at a time until the flow starts again. Authors would do well to heed the call of the pen in times when they feel even the slightest urge to write. This easily be your mind telling you that it’s ready to get back to work but is still lingering in that lazy place.


Working on other projects or with other people can definitely help lift the funk. Your writer’s block could be pertaining to one project and not many or all. When you socialize you do open other compartments of your brain, you may also become inspired by one in the group or by something someone says or does. The whole thing is just to be as active as possible. This way you do not give your brain enough space to muddle on the block.


Treat your writer’s block like a form of depression. Not kidding you. I’m not saying you should seek medication or anything, what I’m saying is, if you have a routing for dealing with stress use it. Writer’s block is a simple form of stress. It is your mind failing to produce anything because of a lull that has fallen over it. The stress felt by writer’s especially those seeking to produce work in a certain amount of time or under a certain duration can become overwhelmed by the situation and fall into a funk. Meditation, spending time outside getting fresh air, spending time with family, or just doing anything that you usually do when stressed is a very good method.


Simplifying your routine for breaking writer’s block can have some great benefits. Writer’s block is one of the deadliest villains to all us writers and we need to be aware of that fact. Writer’s block is nothing that we can’t beat and we should treat it as this. Keeping the options for ending writer’s block simple can have some great effects on our work and productivity. We get over it simply by getting over it. Writer’s block is nothing to sneeze about for sure, we can all agree on that. But simple tactics and techniques can beat it. What do you do to beat Writer’s block?


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