Transformation 2013, Writer’s Block goes from Blog to…

I just realized something interesting while putting words on paper this morning 2,18,2013. I went through the Blog over the weekend making some changes that will be necessary as I shift my focus from blogger to Author. I am now also slowly transforming the Writer’s Block into a literal literary magazine filled with authors and books of many a variety. True. most of the novels you find here are mine. But I do offer services like Book reviews and Free Author interviews to showcase other authors. Wait, I exchange author interviews to be honest. You go on my blog, I go on your blog, which helps to expose both our works to other readers outside of our own sphere of readership. SO with that said, welcome to the newly developing Writer’s Block, sponsored and powered by Alphaxiom.

When I set out to showcase Indie authors and their work I didn’t know what I was going to do to get authors to sign on. But I have had a few and had fun putting their work on these pages for you to enjoy. Right now I am seeking authors with blogs to exchange slots on each others blogs, and also authors who need their books review, as long as they review mine.  also have paid Book review slots available if you just want your book reviewed.

The Writer’s Block will soon be moved over to servers at Alphaxiom, where we will be working to bring authors and their books, and readers together. There are services we will never stop offering for free in order to help build the readership of Indie authors and their work. There are so many books yet undiscovered and we want to be a part of what brings them to light. Showcasing Indie Books is now my number one priority for 2013 along with completing other novels myself. I am multitasking and getting the hang of it.

The transformation that the Writer’s Block is going through will be used to bring much needed visibility to authors who have been struggling to get noticed. I know how hard it is to have books that not many people read. Therefore, I’ve set out to put together, through marketing, blogging, and sharing, a network of readers and writers so that readers get a good stream of Indie books and authors have access to readers. If you feel you can help in anyway, or if you feel we can help you don’t hesitate to ask. That is why we were built and that is our purpose. Welcome to the new face of the Writer’s Block and Alphaxiom partnership. This is where this writer meets the informal professionals. See you soon.

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