Mental Revision of a Spirit Lost On Amazon

Do you like poetry? We have a whole new world of poetry for you. The Spirit of yours truly found some of the stuff I used to put down and some I just started doing and composed a collection called, “Mental Revision of a Spirit Lost”.



A hundred degree hotter, that’s my fire

What could the lowly Phoenix know?

I am that kind of revision for what I’ve been through

Even as it rises from the ashes it cannot help but to acknowledge

The life I’ve lived and the burden I was given

At my birth to carry

By Nations; over their waters and many hills and valleys

All it has seen is death from who knows what

I’ve had my ankles chained, whipped, raped

And mutilated before I was lynched

A practice by some of the vilest people

Who spoke of peace while spitting on my children and me

They told me of a God who said be obedient

Yet there was no obedience or love toward me

I was bound as my daughters were raped

I was bound in the rain in the open gate

Chained to a tree for nothing more than reading a book

Trying to understand the language they forced on me

Somehow they got it in their minds that I was better off for this

Than I was content in my city before they betrayed me

Then I heard a tale about a bird that rose after death

And I was through and thoroughly impressed

Until I fully realized the verse…….

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