Hello – Good evening

Written in the evening, actually late at night. Just wanted to say hello to everyone. Yes I missed you. I have taken some time to deal with my life and do some thinking. I think smart people call it a sabbatical, except I worked too. But along the way I picked up some real good friends and some who were willing to mentor me on things I should and should not do in the literary world. I have also been able to submit my works to a few publishing houses and agents. I will be the first to tell you. The world of literacy is not easy. As much competition as you have, you also have to deal with competition from yourself.

The last few months have been great. Getting back to the basics of what I wanted to accomplish was something I desperately needed to do. In short, it is great to be back online. It is great to be able to look forward to putting words in sequence for everyone to see. But it will be better once these books start rolling off the presses.

As usual, look for more literature coming soon.

2 thoughts on “Hello – Good evening

  1. I am definitely all for the Indie. I’ve seen the rejections of famous authors who went on to make it themselves and it just empowers me to keep moving forward no matter what LordDavid. Thank you for the kind word of advice. Definitely helps to see others who think this way

  2. Lets hope you have some favourable responses from the publishing houses but please don’t get too despondent if not. J.K.Rowling suffered rejections but still made it. Indie publishing is still an option.

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