Consensual Release Party

Consensual Official Kindle Release Party – Support an author, buy a book for 99cents

I’ve been a busy little bee, making my new Crime Novel, ‘Consensual’ into self-pub reality. A Novel that should have been made available in February, having setbacks and fits of, oh – oh, Consensual is now semi-live on a few sites that include Smashwords, soon on Barnes & Nobles, and on Amazon both as a Kindle and Paperback. Signed copies can also be ordered from Author Kevin Allen at a discounted rate.

So why should you be interested in this book? What sets it apart?

Consensual is a Novel rife with drama surrounding a detective, Mark Morrison who has inherits a murder case, now classified as a string of serial killings. The detective and his longtime partner / best friend, Marian are thrown into arguments and chaos from the get go. But things take on an awkward turn after a night of indiscretion between the two of them. That night will put their lifelong friendship on the brink of collapse if he is to save his already crumbling marriage.

Yes I wrote it just like that. To make matters worse, the clues they begin to gather start pointing toward a direct connection between the detective and the killer, or… As things begin to unfold the detective must make some hard choices that will either make or break his personal life. What they will uncover is that the case itself is much more than what they had imagined and will be subject to much more than they or the City of  Boston MA could ever bargain for…

Monday will mark the official public offering of Consensual. A Kindle ebook offering of just .99 cents will last until Tuesday on Amazon. After Tuesday the price of the Ebook will go to its normal price. The special is to introduce reluctant readers to Independent Author, Kevin Allen, for a reasonable price.

Look for Consensual in bookstores, and pretty much where ever books are sold online. Join the adventure and follow the detective on a case that will unwind into one very wild ride. Consensual Available now



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