Revision of Into The Vein

Newly designed back cover
Newly designed back cover

When my eyes took me backwards to my first release I realized how atrocious my first attempts at writing was. Still, I refuse to pull it from publication. I wanted it as a reminder that I did something I said I was going to do, and a reminder that a completed work takes time and careful gleaning. But What I also wanted, was a work complete with corrected grammar, paragraphs, and formatting. That’s why I’ve been going back and editing my books one by one, adding in content, editing misspelled words, formatting, and designing the book covers properly. You may see some of the covers vanish completely soon.

Into the Vein was my first baby. I loved writing it, I loved the feeling I got on completion, and I still love reading it. What I didn’t like was the way the story just did not develop properly, or the way words were missing their correct sounds in the paragraphs. I also did not like the fact that there was no back cover to speak of. So in the space of time while I worked on my writing, I also began working on my design skills.

This all culminated in me learning how to edit properly. Looking at the edits done by the editor I hired thinking I got a great deal, I cringed. I was also hoping to build quickly, not realizing I had to put in the work to actually sell despite hearing the warnings. What I have now is more of a complete product than when I started. Back cover has been designed, front cover recreated, learned how to increase the resolution on my Adobe photshop edition, also learned how to fully utilize’s Cover designer and Publisher. I would say making my first mistake was the best mistake I could have made.

Into the Vein has now been edited part way. Misspelled words and choppy beginnings is nothing more than just a memory. The flow of the book is approaching professional quality and the word count is growing. What this means is I will have to republish in larger print. I have also edited scenes to make them more, refined, if you will. But the editing continues.

What I have learned over the years since releasing ITV is that work is required, rewriting was never and will never be a part of the plan as the story is an excellent collective culminating in one grand adventure. Editing, refining, and making sure it all flows is the best option, you may even see the creatures a bit more defined when it is all finished. But as of now, ITV is at its best. Be sure to check out this work of art on Amazon, Barnes N noble, Createspace, Smashwords, or your favorite book retailer – Into the Vein: Revelation & Revealer, nearly 500 pages of pulse pounding action and adventure.

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