Author Contel Bradford on the Writer’s Block

Hey everyone, long time no see. The writer’s Block is back in effect, bringing you the latest releases in all genres. Author interviews are also back. As a matter of fact, I had a chance to sit down with a guest who writes in the steamy erotic genre, Urban fiction, and mainstream African American Literature. This man is not new to publishing; in fact, he is somewhat of a book Connoisseur of sorts. His name is Contel Bradford. There are a number of projects under his name and I believe, don’t make me wrong, that he may just be the most well known author that has graced the pages of the, Writer’s Block. Let’s have a look at what was delivered by author, Contel Bradford.

Contel: Hello everyone, hello. Contel

Meta: Nice to see you man.

Contel: Nice to be seen.

Meta: Why don’t you tell us a little about you and what you’re working on at this moment.

Contel: Well, since you mentioned it – My latest project is Hot In Here: The Remix. It’s a follow-up to Hot In Here. The Hot In Here saga itself is comprised of two smoking hot tales that see the loyalty of Meka and Jacob tested. They’re relationship is already odd enough because she’s his older brother’s girlfriend and they all live together. I will admit that this story isn’t thick on the plot side, but it’s rich in hotness. Kinda like those romance books with the rippled Fabio-looking dudes on the cover – fantasy-based erotica with an urban fiction twist. I also have a short story series I’m writing under the alias Blake Jeckel called Bloody Mary Jane Girlz. This is my twisted take on the hole bullying thing, but it isn’t necessarily crafted for teens. Right now there’s three parts: Bloody Mary Jane Girlz, Bloody Mary Jane Girlz: Ivory Red, and Bloody Mary Jane Girlz: Bitch I’ll Kill You!

Meta: Your books are for mature audiences then?

Contel: I’d say. Please be 18 or older to read these books.

Meta:  What else do you have going these days?

Contel: Well, I’m a full time writer. I make a living from my Freelance writing business. If you need any writing done, don’t be shy, I write all types of documents and Articles. I also sell books as part of my business.

Meta: Sell books? How did that come about?

Contel: You’re going to laugh – I used to make books and sell them.

Meta: Wow… You mean, as in literally make books, not write, but make?

Contel: I mean make books. What I used to do was sell them to people I know, clients and things like that. But that’s actually how I got my start selling books. I eventually did start self-publishing the traditional way though, but. That’s my 2003 and beyond. I did manage to get a small deal out of it, but nothing too serious.

Meta: That is crazy.

Contel: You have no idea.

Meta: So how do you feel now that you’ve made it and can have books printed instead of making them? How do you feel about where you are now, as a writer?

Contel: I have mixed emotions about where I’m at in the writing game. While I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished, I feel I haven’t accomplished nearly enough. At least in the author game. I often say that if I could sell books to readers like I sell web content to my clients, I’d be living much more comfortably. I will admit that I have underachieved as an author.

Meta: And of all the writing you’ve done, which do you think is your best work to date?

Contel: My favorite piece of anything I’ve ever written is easily Thug Nation. I put this out in 2006, and trust me writing skills have come a long way. Still, I feel its’ masterfully written  and delivers everything a street lit novel is supposed to be – raw and gritty, technically sound, and engaging. I love it!

Meta: What’s been the most challenging thing about being a writer for you?

Contel: Selling

Meta: What do you mean by that?

Contel: I’ve invested in many forms of book promotion. I had a store at the local flea market where I would sell books every weekend. I’ve traveled to flea markets and events in other states. I’ve even took to foot patrol to solicit my shit in the local hair salons. Of course I’ve done some stuff online, with social media being the most effective route. Still looking for a go-to method because for me, marketing is easily the most challenging of the aspect of the book game. I’d rather crank out classics and let someone else worry about selling this shit, but unfortunately, I don’t have it like that.

Meta: I see – So what to you has been the most rewarding part of being a literate?

Contel: For me the most rewarding thing about being an author is just being able to see that I had a goal and accomplished it. Although writing is the easy part for me, it isn’t necessarily a walk in the park, so just completing a book, let alone getting it out there in a marketable format is a huge self-accomplishment. I’m also a sucker for positive feedback. I think I’m a pretty awesome writer, but when others agree, and admit it makes me feel a lil bit special.

Meta: And What’s next for Author, Contel Bradford.

Contel: What’s next for me? I have plenty of projects coming up – so many I’m not quite sure what order things will fall in. I do know that I’m planning to launch a short story for Halloween as well as as short story with Jerrice Owens called Are You Saved? Both are coming up soon. After that, anything could drop in any given order. But aside from that, be on the lookout for new installments of the Bloody Mary Jane Girlz series. I’m thinking there will at least be 10 episode by the time this thing is over.

Meta: You have a lot on your plate. What advice would you have for someone looking to duplicate what you’ve done, or just looking to become a new author?

Contel: My advice to aspiring writers and authors is to have a game plan and do! So many people about what they want, should, and could be doing. You knows if you’ll be a bestseller? Maybe, maybe not, but you’ll never know if you don’t try so get out there and start making stuff happen!

Meta: Sound advice. And where can people find you and works by Contel Bradford?

Contel: You can catch me at multiple destinations online – anywhere from my freelance business website to my blog I don’t update nearly enough. You can also connect with me on Facebook and on Twitter making a whole lot of noise. If you’re looking to support by purchasing a book, find my author Website by clicking this live link. Click them all.

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