Lyrical Passion – Patrice Rivers on the Writer’s Block

BOOK 2 PIC2 (2)(1)It has been a long time since the Writer’s Block has had a poet on the hot-seat. I thought I would correct that and went out to find a sizzling young Poet and author who dazzles with her prowess in word usage, Ms. Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers. This young lady has been putting words to paper since the ripe old age of fifteen and has not stopped since then. Her passion for writing poetry culminated into, “A COLLECTION OF GOD’S WORD”, in 2012, and a future work called, “LYRICAL PASSION TEARS FROM MY INKWELL”, which is on the charts for 2013. Getting to sit down with this young wordsmith was as entertaining as it was eye-opening, and without further delay. Let’s dig into the interview so you can see for yourself how things panned out. Enjoy.

Metawriter: Ms. Rivers, welcome to the Writer’s Block. Since it is your first time here I want to just let you know that this is a no hold’s barred interview, with an adult audience. I’m sure they’re eager to hear from you. Welcome to the Writer’s Block.

Patrice: Thank you for allowing the Lyrical Passion to grace the pages of the Writer’s Block. I’m honored.

Metawriter: The honor is ours. But I’m curious and I’m sure the readers are too – What is the meaning of “Lyrical Passion” to you and why did you choose that as part of your persona.

Patrice: To be honest, it’s just how I feel about writing, about Poetry… Hmmm… Lyrical Passion is a name that derived from me which means singing lyrics through my words that expresses the passion I have for writing. I write motivational, inspirational, sensual, love, fantasy and sometimes erotic poetry, I want my readers to be able to visualize my words and stories while I’m writing. The lyrics just flow from my pen when I sit down because of that passion. I had to include it in my name, didn’t really see a choice, you see. Lyrical passion is who and what I am.

Metawriter: Wow – That’s incredible actually. It explains a lot about you and what readers should expect. What else would you let the readers know about you?

Patrice: Well, you said I’ve been writing since I was fifteen, right.Tears from my Inkwell Cover Mock 3 (1)

Metawriter: Yes, I think I read that in your bio somewhere.

Patrice: That’s not exactly accurate.

Metawriter: It’s not?

Patrice: No, nooooo – I have been writing since I was nine years old.

Metawriter: Wow, please excuse the mistake. Why don’t you tell us a little more about you then. We may not have the whole skinny here.

Patrice: What I want readers to know about me is that I’ve been writing since I was nine. I’m very creative with my words which lead me to a great imagination when painting a vivid picture through poetry. I try to be unique with my poetry because a lot of people tend to write about the same thing that sound cliché. If I write about love, I want to be different and write outside the box that will allow my readers to think without knowing what I’m talking about it first. I want to keep them guessing and entertained. It’s just that……

Metawriter: I believe you; I can feel the words trying to flow.

Patrice: Believe that. Right now I just want to go back to work adding words to my current collection, Lyrical Passion Tears From my Inkwell.

Metawriter: So the inspiration to write comes at times when you’re surrounded by people.

Patrice: It comes anytime. I can spend hours on end just writing poetry, just writing in general. Man, it is such a powerful feeling when I get that feeling and just want to put words down on paper. The poetry for Lyrical Passion Tears from My Inkwell came at some times when I just needed to get away, to pray, to… to just be free.

Metawriter: Wow – Why don’t you tell us about, Tears from My Inkwell.

Patrice: Lyrical Passion Tears from my Inkwell is a poetry book about experiences and pain that I have been dealing with. The first parts of my book are motivational and religious pieces that compile the mind and soul through the art of religion. I wrote those pieces years and gathered them together to be used for my second book. Tears from my Inkwell mean my pain that I went through or is going through with the silence of my tears that’s inked on the pages.

Metawriter: All that in one bundled into one?

Patrice: Oh believe me, it is a must see. I want my readers to feel the pains I feel, the inspiration to pray, the need for release, even the longing for love, and my sensual desires. I am a woman who feels deeply and want the readers to experience their own deep feelings with me.

Metawriter: Oh wow – Your motivation for compiling this pieces was to let the readers feel you then?

Patrice: My inspiration for writing this is because I want my readers to capture my pain by reading my poetry. I want them to be able to visualize and understand pieces of me. I finished the manuscript in 2012 and decided to publish the book for the world to read 2013. I write weekly (or try to) and put them aside for my next poetry book will be two years from now. (writing my first short fiction story to be published) I like to publish books that will grab the reader’s attention and something they can relate to.

Metawriter: So there will be fictional novels, as well as poetry out there from Patrice Rivers soon?

Patrice: I want to add my ink to the literary pages in every way possible.

Metawriter: Is that so? What else do you do?

Patrice: I also blog actively as well as write my poetry and shorts.

Metawriter: And your goals as a writer.

Patrice: To blur the lines with my words, mainly to be successful at what I do.

Metawriter: Short but sweet, very well stated. Where can Patrice Rivers be found?

Patrice: I can be found all over the place. Readers and lovers of poetry and Patrice Rivers can find me on Facebook, They can find me vibing on SoundCloud, and on Twitter for the most part.

I want to thank Patrice Rivers for being on the Writer’s Block. We had fun during the interview and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed getting the answers for you. Until Next time, keep reading, keep looking for that next great novel, or your new favorite author right here on the Writer’s Block. See you soon.

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