The Marriage Counselor’s Secret Life – New Release

If you’re looking for something new to read in the adult Romance genre, then you will want to check out he Marriage Counselor’s Secret Life, by author Kevin Allen. It is 68,000 words of awkward, rip roaring fun from beginning marriage counselorto end. Kevin Allen continues his growth from a year ago, bringing his most delightful story to life. The Marriage Counselor is written in an innocent and yet raunchy voice. It takes the lives of three people, Linda, Luan, and Evan and throws them into a whirlwind of chaotic and comedic mishap that threatens their lifestyles and sanity, which in turn creates a wide open atmosphere for a fun read.

Marriage counselor Evan Simms is thrown into a situation he thought he would never face, the prospect of another woman. He has been married for four years, we find out, to a woman that has continually cheated on him during that time. Getting the chance to return the favor, he begins a battle to keep himself faithful, even if his wife refuses to be. But is the temptation of a beautiful woman too much? Especially one he has so much in common with. They spend hours talking when they first meet, spend a day avoiding each other, and end up talking again despite the fact that they both feel guilt for what they’re doing.

Seeing the signs of him leaving, his wife, Luan is forced to face her own feelings and discovers she does not want to lose him. She begins to become the quintessential good wife. She begins calling home more often, staying in, and even cooking. Trying her hardest to make sure she does not lose the newly discovered man of her dreams, the same she has spent more than five years ignoring. Will it be enough to keep him home or will he in fact end up with a mistress that could end a marriage he has been reluctant to end because of his love for the woman he married? In the end, choices will be made that will affect every aspect of their lives.

Be advised the Marriage Counselor is an 18+ Full length novel that has strong erotic content. Yet what will draw you in is not the erotic scenes, but the interaction between the characters. The story and plot evolve around everything that could happen when a marriage goes horribly wrong, and also what could go right if the two people involved turns their lives around and decides to put their all into making life work together. If you are looking for a new experience. Get the marriage counselor’s secret life in trade Paperback or Download and an Ebook from Amazon or Smashwords.

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