The writer’s Block 2015

  What does one write on a blog that hasn’t had a hug in so long? Sure, I like most people who first set out to write a blog, sat and thought about writing a post that would get twenty-thousand views, or I should just write. A question I’m sure many asked when they sat down to write after stepping away for so long. Luckily, I was born very simple, the answer was just to write something, random and maybe welcoming. That after a week saying, ‘no not yet, another month’.

I have to admit I was genuinely nervous. I haven’t written a blog or an article in a while. One year consumed by working seventy hours, reading and wishing I’d written it without the energy to actual think of what to write. Now, as I slowly reclaim the life of, pen and pad, slowly and painfully, through months of months of nail-biting, butt aching sit and writes, I thought I was ready to put my first article down. And, if you are reading this, you know what I wrote about. And if you sit through this I promise you just one thing, you can watch an episode of, Little Rascals, at any time and have a good laugh like I did, after you’re finished her.

What to write? A piece about getting back to work, maybe a welcome back note, something a little catchy? Maybe something with a little humor to entertain the reader. Actually I didn’t know if I even wanted to spend the energy writing blogs again. I felt like I lost the writer’s legs. Procrastination wanted one more month to consider the age old, to blog or not to blog, discussion.

I decided another month was too long. And, I decided to just write. Say hello. Hopefully someone said hello back, without throwing a tomato. I was going to write something catchy. Lucky for you, you got this because I was just going to do a Haiku and leave it there for you. But, more than anything I just wanted to write something. Get back the feeling of a blog. I guess now I can raise my hands and dance around an imaginary ring like a prized fighter, as I welcome one and all who read this and future readers back to the writer’s block.

Mentally, this was draining, fun too. One more step toward a goal. And, after next week, when I have had time to get familiar with the console and new updates of WordPress, the work of interviewing authors for the Writer’s Block will be opened again. In the meantime, there will be mindless posts at random.

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