Anne Bonny: Queen of the Sea

Emma Rose Millar

Ahead of the release of Five Guns Blazing I’ll be writing about some of the leading ladies and gents who have brought my novel to life and made it such a pleasure to write.

I’d like to kick off with probably the most notorious female pirate, the flame haired Irish beauty, Queen of the Seas, Anne Bonny.

Anne is the archetypal anti-heroine: ruthless, double-crossing and fiercely independent.  She was born in Cork c1700, the illegitimate child of maidservant Mary Brennan and married lawyer William Cormac.  When Cormac’s wife made the affair public, William and Mary left Ireland in shame, taking Anne with them to America. William’s legal business prospered there and he had soon made enough money to buy a plantation.

But Anne’s firey temper and dare-devilish nature did not sit well in polite society.  Planters in the Cormac’s circle did not wish  their daughter’s to associate with Anne, who…

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