Co-writing, Transatlantic (Literary) Affairs and Other Forms of Insanity, with Kevin Allen

One of the best things a newer writer can get asked is to help write a book or look at a manuscript. A manuscript that forces you to examine parts of history, even better. Saying yes to Emma Rose Millar and her brainchild, Five Guns Blazing was an easy decision. The manuscript had depth, the characters were well rounded, and the plot was great. Only a little fleshing out, Emma said. Here are some thoughts on the project and the outcome. Feel free to share your thoughts and the original post.

Emma Rose Millar

kevin allen

On co-writing Five Guns Blazing

I will be honest, I was a little sceptical when Emma first approached me about Five Guns Blazing. I read her message and looked at the picture and laughed to myself. A blonde haired, white woman asking me to help her write a story that involved slavery. But I was wondering what sort of writing it was. It was interesting. It got me curious about her project. But when I started reading Five Guns as it was, I knew Emma was serious and knew her stuff. When I saw what she actually wanted me to work on and the whole manuscript, well, I couldn’t say no because I was drawn in by what I read.

Helping Emma Rose Millar script the plantation, flesh out the characters on the Island, and the conditions of the plantation they were working on was one of the best things…

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