Consent by Birth book one Trinity Breed

Imagine you’re adopted. Known no real family, no name, just adoption for a short time and then clemency for the Consent by Birthrest. You become a detective, with no real past to trace, no paperwork to scroll through, no story to identify you. You’re a tree without a root that even with some fame, no one comes forward to claim.

That is the life Detective Mark Morrison has lived. Having to gain a name through adoption, having to finish his education on his own, unable to trace a single strand of his past, and a four-year marriage on the brink of falling apart. The bright spots in his life are a friendship that has lasted since the day he was brought home from the adoption agency by elderly couple that both passed before he finished high school, and a job that makes him feel like he belongs somewhere.

All those feelings of belonging starts to erode when he’s thrown into a case of mysterious deaths. Women apparently dying to have sex, literally during the act. No DNA linking their act to a partner. Just the marks and bruises of the act. No evidence of forced penetration, therefore no rape. No chemical traces, so no poisoning, no sign of a crime committed, just women dying. So, it won’t be an open and shut case or a quick arrest.

In the course of the investigation his life takes another hit, Mark and his best friend, Marian, also his partner on the Boston Police department will jeopardize his already fragile marriage with one night of weakness, or was it. He will soon have to explain it to his wife because that one night follows them home. The question is, could their one night have been avoided, or is it somehow tied to the case their investigating?

Solving the serial killings could bring the detectives closer to solving the riddle of Mark Morrison and their momentary lapse in judgment. The problem is, if they want to solve the riddle they find waiting for them, Mark will have to give up any form of normalcy he has built for himself. If they choose to solve the cases without untangling portions of the case presenting itself, they will have to deal with the consequences that will slowly make themselves visible in all their horrifying shades.

Consent by Birth is a novel about the choices the detectives make while they struggle to solve the serial killings, Mark struggling to keep his marriage together, and Marian thinking of quitting the force. It will force them to accept that Mark has a past trying to make itself known and, trying to reclaim him.

Consent by BirthSpecial thanks to the Cover Collection for this creation

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