Coming Soon: Consent by Oath

There is a catch, always, always a catch. To say the man is anything short of a lunatic would be madness. A paradox of a paradox. Yet it is. Bestial and genius. Were they ever to be the same? Yet, this man found a way to make it so. Three sons he had… rather… he created, who were supposed to be two. He said he created them and he will swear under oath he did. He’ll have his chance. One daughter, fathered by another man.

Such is the life of Trinity. An evolving tale of madness, lust, power, greed, and of a sort of family. His sons, the lunatic, will have a mother’s love. That is all they will know… Comes with a price, of course they won’t know. Will you anyone see it coming?

And… Oh yes… Boston is still in trouble too… isn’t it? Or is Boston the place to present the bill of sale?

Consent by Oath – Coming soon… A Trinity Breed Novel. Book three of the Trinity. The closure to a beginning that’s just a question mark. Where you will join, Mark Morrison (Consent by Birth), Stephen Jones (Ghost of Shadybrook), and Akambe Thompson (The real Akambe) – and a woman making sure things turn out in her best interest.

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