The Joy of reasoning the reasoning of my Joys

The Joy of reasoning the reasoning of my Joys
Kevin Allen

The reasons for my joys aren’t simple things
Not the undefined colors of the winds or the way it sings
Nor the neon embrace of the moon
And the howling laughter of the sun
That’s not simple at all
But rather a complicity of the ethereal
The choreographed horde of life’s specters in all their splendors
Surely, you can see my reasons are not simple things, not at all

The sereness of the changes, winter to fall
Brings me grinning moments that entail
The bright inklings from siblings of eons past
Echoing across Existence’s great expanses
Bright and endless, as it may
Maybe a touch of leftover love or remembrance
Or are those twinkling stars mere caresses across ethereal thresholds
See, simple isn’t the description for my joys at all

Maybe it is the suppleness of my mother’s beautiful nature
The satisfying touch of her waters
Or the scent of her other children
Springing up in the tended and untendered
The taste of her fruits fresh from the womb we shared
Or the music of clouds she gives me from the tears she lets fall
No man, my joys are not simple. Not simple at all

Could it be for who I am
That gracious joyous knowledge that I belong to the Ether
To even things you don’t see, touch, or feel
No, that’s not simple either
The unchartered things, no number or word can define
Life, in its uncounted incomprehensible forms
My joy is not simple, not the everyday norms

The complicated mess of ordered Choas
Madness in all its beautifully arrayed dresses
The undertone of all above and below our skies
No compromise in any way
To the things theorized in secret
No change in display
No variance to their meaning
No alterations to their state of being
How can that be simple

The knowledge they expel
With loving affection for all
Maybe that’s my joy after all
The sounds of their twinkling call
Their voices shining across our time and space
Ministering knowledge of ancient things
Or new things waiting to ring
Like them, my joys can’t be because of simple things

Simple things have finite meaning
Here today, gone tomorrow
But my joys remain infinite in their meaning and language
Their extolled knowledge
The base of all knowledge
Unchanged and undiluted
Forever un-refuted
And in their abundance, unrequited
Far from simple are the reasons for my joy

Not the proverbial toy
But things untouched
By knowledge or speculation
By amicable minds or probing and consternation
Who knows, perhaps they are simple
And defined as… tethered
But for simplicity’s sake let us call
The reasons for my joy… All

3 thoughts on “The Joy of reasoning the reasoning of my Joys

  1. I was drawn in by the descriptiveness of the words and the beauty of the meandering paths they took without ever moving so fast that they lost the reader.

  2. Bored. So.
    Poe-down Fridays, starting now.
    Anybody in.
    Post your poems and a link to your blog. Don’t send me any poems by email. Just post in the Comments section.
    Get enough responses I’ll start one every Friday.

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