The Elusive Word You are

In love. You deliver your content. Much like the mailman, even through snow and rain, you seek to construct the proper sentences to bring your story to life.

Can’t please everyone, it is written and so you shall see. But you can please one or two or three. That is why you should write and feel free.

In fact, your story may only be seen by a small group or a tiny troupe. But you should still do it. You should still write it.

That elusive word that is you could be the one thing someone needs in order to smile. So write it with care and put in that feeling of pride. You could be that elusive healing someone needs from reading.

And with the stroke of a pen, or keyboard, deliver tears of joy or make someone laugh hard or simply say, oh boy. But isn’t that why you were born to write the words you write?

Hurriedly thrown together, those words could seem malignant to the beholder. Still. Constructed properly, the elusive words you are, could be someone’s only shoulder. So write them with love, no matter the story you deliver.

Construct each sentence as if you are delivering the best news in the universe, no matter how many unruly words are needed to render your canto.

The elusive word you are should not be thrown together, just so. But. Just. So. That is why you became a writer, after all. To tell a story through the elusive words you are. And some day, some one, will thank you for your super powered pen.

A little Monday Fun. Happy Monday.

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