Author Interview with Ayeah Zaroah

Today I wanted to introduce a new author. Ayeah Zaroah just released the first, hopefully, of many, called, The Scent of Black and White in Kindle format for Amazon, Smashwords ebook formats, and a Nook Book offering on Barnes and Noble. Published as a short erotic romance. And sitting down with Zaroah, we learned a bit about this project as well as another upcoming release.

Without wasting any time. Please welcome Ayeah Zaroah.

So, you just released your first novel, is that right, or are there more titles no one knows about?

Zaroah: There will be more. Currently, that’s the only one I have out there.

I stated that there was another on the way. Are there plans for more?

Zaroah: There will be. The Scent of Black and White is a series of short stories I plan on finishing.

What is the series about?

Zar: Couple of friends who stumble on an adventure when one of them gets mistaken for a hooker.

Um. Going to tell us a little about it?

Zaroah: They end up dating. But that’s not the real story.

What is?

Zaroah: Well, it is a book. You’ll have to read it to find out. You’ve seen the blurb, right?


Zaroah: Six friends stumble on a 300 year old family feud?

Yes. The story is about a family feud?

Zaroah: Pretty much. More about a diary, Delilah starts writing when things begin to make sense to her. Scent of Black and white is a series called, Escort Minutes.

E – escort as in…

Zaroah: (Grin)

So, this is an erotic series?

Zaroah: Yes but no. It is about much more than sex. It is sad, funny, sensual, but most of all compelling. It’s about the reality of people who get caught up in a situation that provide as much reasons to laugh as it does tears.

I see.

Zaroah: You will.

Are any of the others written already?

Zaroah: In the works.

So, I’ve heard you also have a full novel in the works.

Zaroah: The Purest Kind.

When is that due?

Zaroah: Soon. And I have a feeling you want to know what that’s about?

Your feeling is right. Please tell us.

Zaroah: Well, it is about two people who meet.

No kidding?

Zaroah: That is how a romance starts, isn’t it?


Zaroah: Well, two people do. Very young. Very inexperienced. Matthew, the guy, makes an offer to Reeva, the young woman, and she decides she wants more.

What’s this offer?

Zaroah: Lunch. Now, Reeva…


Zaroah: You’ll understand when you read it. So she tries to hustle him and runs into an overprotective mother.

And I’m guessing there will be fireworks, of course?

Zaroah (smiles): You’ll be surprised how she handles it. Let’s start there.

How does an overprotective mom handle a woman trying to get… more from her son?

Zaroah: Like a mother who wants the best for her son, does.

Does he live with his mother?

Zaroah: No. He lives on his own, doing very well for himself. Rarely gets to see his parents, but the week he meets the woman things are hectic and involves a lot going on.

And this is a full novel?

Zaroah: Oh yeah.

Congratulations are in order then?

Zaroah: Appreciate that, thanks.

When did you start writing?

Zaroah: A long time ago. I just didn’t want anyone to see the writing I was doing.

Why is that?

Zaroah: I just like writing. I just never thought about publishing until I had someone read one of my pieces and said “wow”. I had heard it before. But to see someone looking at me and shaking their heads and asking why I did not publish. It did something to my confidence. And then I agreed to publish one piece.

The Scent of Black and White?

Zaroah (laughing): No. The Purest Kind.

Wait… I thought you said it was one book you agreed to?

Zaroah: It is. While Purest Kind was being edited, I sat down one night reading the news. The same night I started writing Scent of Black and White… and when I started digging into it. I started seeing more and more of a story that could come from it. Escort Minutes and probably a few books were born from one news story.

A news story? Which one?

Zaroah (grinning): Not telling.

Are any of the characters based on anyone real?

Zaroah: No. It was just a running daydream that became more.

Want to get into that.

Zaroah: Well… pros.


Zaroah: Pros. Escorts, hookers. They have a life beyond drugs and sex and what the news and movies show you. The pains that drive them to do what they do.

So, a story about prostitution inspired this story?

Zaroah: No. A news story about money. That’s all you’re going to get.

Who is the main character?

Zaroah: Delilah, Alexand, Sandra, Chiqeada, Chip, Bethany, Mel. They make up the best parts of the series from beginning to end.

Sounds promising. Can’t wait to read it.

Zaroah: You should. I want everyone to read it. Well, everyone over eighteen. If you’re under eighteen, don’t read past page four.

Did the person who got you to publish get to read this?

Zaroah: I have had four people read it. The results have been consistent. A lot of raised eyebrows and wows. I did not expect it. I  especially get asked about one scene in chapter two a lot. A lot.

And the results of the feedback?

Zaroah: Had me smiling. I honestly didnt think I could write as well as I did. But so far, the feedback is telling me I need to get more people to read this book.

Well. You heard Ayeah Zaroah. Go read the Scent of Black and White.
By the way. Where does your name come from? Very different.

Zaroah: Two of the best words I have ever heard or said.

Not going to say it, are you?

Zaroah: Nope.

Thought so. Ayeah Zaroah, welcome to the world of published and thank you for being part of the Writer’s Block.

Zaroah: Thank you for having me.

I hope that you will be back again. I will be asking if you have the time when, Purest Kind is published.

Zaroah: I’ll keep my ears opened.

Thank you. Ayeah Zaroah, author of The Scent of Black and White, available at online retailers. Download your copy from Amazon. Smashwords. Or other online retailers.

Now. If you are an author and want to appear on the Writer’s Block with your novel, please feel free to send an email. Tell us about you and your novel and we will send you a short questionaire. Look forward to seeing you. Thank you for stopping by. See you again soon.

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