Soliciting Time Management tips

It’s the fourth quarter and there’s barely enough time to…

Whoops, wrong activity. Although something could be said for time management here. When it’s not the strongest suit you wear, it’s just not. I know first hand. I doubt I am the only person reading great articles on the topic, wiping sweat and thinking; I think time declared war on me and is moving too fast to do that.

Time management. Drop some hints.

My recent war with it got me thinking back to articles I had written a long, long time ago. Things flowed then. But I am Realizing how much looser I have become with my routine and getting things done, even as I attack the final books that needed touching up. I was am scattered here and there. Neither here nor there, actually. It is like being in one of those places where you are looking at everything, touching everything, doing everything, but not enough. I will admit to getting to some. Just not enough.

So, my question, has anyone ever lost track of time? If so, what did you do to get yourself onto a consistent schedule of writing and posting and such?

Yes, I know there are tons of great articles. I want practical, have done. Like, what have you done to get yourself up to speed after taking some time away from writing, kind of practical.

2 thoughts on “Soliciting Time Management tips

  1. I’m not good at posting on a consistant basis or schedule at the moment, but for me everything happens more consistantly when I write it down. Goals, ideas, etc. I have to make lists and more lists and maybe more lists. Making a calendar of my goals. Today is the new moon so it is the perfect time to set new goals! That is the one thing I am pretty consistant with is my moon goals. You can find a little more about that here
    New moon is time for setting new goals and things you want to bring into your life. The full moon is when you let go of things that no longer serve you. When I look back to months ago, I have gotten a lot done since following the new moon goals.
    They are basically monthly goals.
    Also, just organizing and breaking down goals helps to be more productive. That’s my 2 cents anyways. 🙂 Good Luck.

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