The story of the trail and learning

Hiking, the great declogger. After melting down last week trying to get everything right, it was decided, hiking. Having missed the mountains, I said, yeah. But I did want to turn back halfway up the first hill. I was dragged kicking and screaming up and then down.

But I needed a breather, needed to get my thinking sorted, so hiking it was. It wad awesome; fresh air, nature, lots of bugs, and sore feet. And a new favorite word: Yeehaww 😋

And a question answered. Time management. I had one of those moments where everything kind of made sense.

73 degrees, sunshine and a light breeze made for one fun Saturday afternoon. And though I wanted to have fun, my mind was pn organizing and getting to work. Wouldn’t you know the answer was in the great outdoors.

It may have been the change of pace or venue, but, looking over the edge of a ravine and staring up at trees and the sun on my face opened me to more than I went for. My mountain partner sent me this afterwards, the benefits of hiking. I agree.

There was a lot more. For three hours, the sounds, the wind, the sun, the forest; it was like sitting in a classroom taking in lessons in creativity. Flashes of stories yet to be written walked my mind as much as I walked the mountain floor. So it’s decided again. Hiking and mountains are about to become my new organization teacher.

2 thoughts on “The story of the trail and learning

  1. It’s amazing what the freedom of being outdoors can release your mind to do even while taking in all that nature has to offer. I do suggest a little more concentration in bear country though, especially if you’re carrying a jar of honey.

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