Fun with google for authors

Google Adwords. The learning curb. I spent a month and a hundred bucks fiddling with different options including… analytics.

As frightening as it may sound it was fun. Watching the numbers and graphs and trying to figure out what they meant without losing my marbles.

What I learned; google adwords can be good for authors. Will I be using it? Yes.

The simpler the usage the better. One thing I found from the data using analytics was that trying to keyword your product is a bad idea.

The use of Adwords for writers is better served as an announcement platform for the author brand itself. With keywords such as your name and identifiers, you will be found if people go searching for you.

Adwords, in other words is best used as an adon marketing tool unless you have one specific book that’s selling like hotcakes, in which case it makes no sense.

Now Google Analytics. My advice on Adwords is to learn how to use the analytics tool first. Learn how to include it on each of your pages and where to find it when you need to check your weekly or daily data. I’d suggest making time at least once per week to go over it.

Analytics is a robust tool that shows you details down to how long each person stayed on the page and any clicks during their session. You don’t need to be a numbers person, though it helps you to understand what you’re looking at.

Final thought. Googl Adwords can be used for writers as an additional tool to find you on the web. If using, use keywords that identify your site or you as an author. Be specific and find keywords that match your budget.

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