Consent to Unleash a novel by Kevin Allen

consent to unleash“Crisis introduces us all to strength some of us don’t instinctively know we have.” In the newly released thriller, Consent to Unleash, that strength is coming with memories orphaned Boston detective Mark Morrison shouldn’t have, about a biological family he’s known about going on two weeks, and questions he wouldn’t want anyone asking. Before they appeared, he lived a life he would have traded for those memories. Now, all he wants is to go home and argue with his wife, mercilessly murdered by his father, Edison Benjamin, who was the first family member to come out of obscurity.

Consent to Unleash, “is blended science fiction, thriller, and action,” Kevin Allen, the author explains. “It’s the fourth book in the Trinity Breed series.” Detective Morrison and his partner, Marian Chambers will pick up where they left off in Consent by Oath. They are forced into protective custody by the intelligence wing that trained, Edison. “They’ve captured Edison, as we found out in Consent by Oath. He’s just not giving them much of anything. So they take the detectives into protective custody to keep Mark and Marian safe. They’ve realized that as long as Mark is out in the field, Edison is going to keep torturing him for whatever reason.”

They thought capturing Edison would be the end all. It isn’t. It seems like Edison has more up his sleeves and the feds want to know what. They’re also hunting Akambe, the third son. But, Edison is still keyed on Mark and Marian. He seems to want the detectives to suffer and he has more to say to them. The feds want to know what Edison knows so they play along.

“Edison knows how to play a role to get what he wants. He knows what to do so Mark won’t fall apart before his goal is met, which makes him a really effective antagonist. He knows how to plan well and he’s arrogant enough to let the detectives know it, even with the feds listening.” Edison followed Mark home in Consent by Birth, introduced him to his brothers (Steve and Akambe) – Consent by Oath, told him he created him, and then proceeds to destroy everything his son has worked hard for and no one really knows why, except Edison.

There is also an almost forbidden romance going on between, Mark and Marian that everyone working with them is aware of. “They are childhood friends falling in love for the first time, though, his wife has just been laid to rest so it’s part of their guilt and pain.” But they have their own secrets from each other and they share secrets with each other. Actually they have several secrets… more on that in the book. “An explosive secret will be revealed in Consent to Unleash and in the rough preview at the end. Edison has been a busy, busy man.”

“If you enjoy reading scifi, thrillers, or suspenseful novels this may be a book you want to add to your reading list.” It is jam-packed with action, romance (the steamy kind), drama, suspense, and questions the detectives need to answer while they deal with personal issues, and keep themselves together.

Kevin Allen is the author of Ghost of Shadybrook, Consent by Birth, and Consent by Oath, and co-writer of Chaucer Award winner for historical fiction Five Guns Blazing. To learn more visit or find, Consent to Unleash on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble and other online book retailers.

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