The Sixth 11

Kevin Allen – Writer    ♦    Melissa Bird – Editing    ♦ Tia Myricks – Part time contributor    ♦    Krystal Clear Logics – Digital Promotion The Sixth 11 The voice in the night Simone is barely able to think with Rory breathing and sniveling near the rock with that idiot staring at […]

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Don’t move

Don’t click the X you are in the right place if you were searching for the Writer’s Block or if you got here using, you are here – things are changing and it could be all for the better. Changes and growing. What happens next? Subscribe to my blog and Stay tuned and come […]

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New kindle book release

What would you do to get home if you were being given the chance after being stranded far away for sixteen years? The only requirement is that you have to go right now and take nothing with you. Would you go? I’d be willing to bet that you will say you will go? That’s the […]

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