Jubilantly written work in progress

Jubilantly written work in progress

By Kevin Allen

Image from Pixabay

Write me, bitch, write

Go on, use that keyboard and type

Got me an itch to be finished

And don’t care if you use good or bad English

All I want is to be all up in this paper

My scrumptious lines getting to tease them eyes on a ravenous reader

If I can only get one or two lines outta you, we cool

But stretch me thin to fill up this page and I promise I’ll be your fool

Just this page right here is fine, not like I really need another

I’ll still do what I’m supposed to

All I know is I can’t grab nobody’s attention

Sitting in that skull where nobody can see me to mention

That bruh, you were disgusting

Couldn’t even give me a name while you kept me locked away, hidden

Can’t nobody see my curvaceous lines and crack wily grins

Inside that crowded ol’ place you had me stored with them other things

And didn’t wanna let me out

All because you said you felt self-conscious

My writer, you are crazy as hell to try boxing me in

I am like no other piece you will ever have written

Just get a gander at that first stroke on that first W

You know how much history is connected to that there beauty

Look at them curves and them long stems reaching for the tippy-tippy top

Of this paper, I finally got you starting to unpack

You do have me wanting to scream appreciation now, though

Like a diva, distributing that ass, working the crowd over

Look, my writer, how vibrantly my words are spilt

And you tried to hold me up there in that crowded old bin

Now, my writer, we got people over there laughing their asses off

And right over there with that song we wrote, I hear some folk fell in love

We will not be talking about what those over there did after that

But that’s all because of me, the words you almost gave up on

I just got to wonder how you could ever let that nearly happen

But don’t you worry, my writer, I got you

For all your slackin you’ll be writing way past one hundred and two

Believe me, I promise you butt sores if you don’t finish me today

Only six days to get here but remember there is too much to this story to delay

I’m too damned precious to be one single piece

Just one single, solitary point of release

There are a thousand pieces of me screaming to get outta

Your head, his head, her head you ought to know that

Sitting there telling that therapist you hear voices instead of penning

When you knew damned well it was only me calling

But your lazy behind just couldn’t get past it

Folded to writers’ block one, two, three times and continued

Instead of letting me hit it up with a barrage of left-right and badass punctuations

Let me loose this one time, you better believe I’m in this here

Right up to the minute you try to fold me and put me away again

I know you’re crazy enough to try

Watch me drive you up them damned walls

Finish writing me bitch else you ain’t never sleeping at all

Think I don’t know you up thinking about me all hours some nights

Well, I been up striping cause I want to see daylight

So you better swish that pen to carve me out tonight

So them suckers who see me can salivate on sight

At my bodaciously, creatively, astonishing stanzas

Lines going on for days storytelling for sport

Oh no, no nooo, don’t remove that part just yet

Look it over, take a minute to decide if this works best

Fine, fine, fine I agree, it’s not societally correct

Seriously, neither is society in most of these respects

But you’re writing things people are going to attribute to you

Even though it’s just a story made up, fictional and untrue

You’ll get cursed out for things all over me here and there

I mean, yo, you set the tone by starting your shit with a swear

Trust me, leave them damned sentences right where they are

It is sentimental and completes me and makes my plot clear

Wait, not there, it completes me didn’t you hear

Shit writer, I’m begging you, I’ll be a good word for sure

Fuck them bitches if they don’t like reading me this way

Because what they really don’t like is the reflection they see

There, I said it,

Come on

Don’t change me for them

Keep on writing me just like that till the end

Trust me, that reflection they don’t like, it’s them

That got nothing to do with one or two filthy lines

Teasing of sensuousness or something asinine

Keep making me beautiful like that golden goblet

Scribble me like a Mediterranean omelette

All drippy on paper, dirty and unsightly

But let them mofos taste me and they will beg for more nightly

So yeah, use them dirty words and make me seductive

With situations you know just ain’t right

Let them make their speculation, tell their stories, and guess at the truth

At which lines written are really about you

Let my words push them things all flirty

Come on writer, this life ain’t never been anything but dirty

So don’t worry about what comes or what don’t fit

Let my beauty shine to blind whether I’m read day or night

Throw in a million things to change the story around

So when the twist hits em they never see it coming

That will definitely get my adrenaline pumping

I can scream at the world that’s me right there in writing

I knew I had the writer from the moment they sat down

Tickling my sides with the ink spill and got caught in the act

Now look at me, all finished, endearing and attractive

I’ll ego it out cause you won’t, go on be humble, aight

I’ll shout it for you, this inspiration for those

Who are afraid of the pen and the words they create

That something so unsightly started, driving in a car

You can call me that situation you don’t want to happen

But I’m write there in the back of your mind

Every second of the day pressing for you to sit down

Because I wanna come out, I wanna be real

So I am going to nag and nag until you let me spill

Like ink on paper to make my beautiful form

From those words you just slipped one line at a time

Wait here while I kick back for just one or two seconds

Send you lewd signs and spit on you for taking so long, you tripping

I’m a sit right here admiring my tone

But I’m a give you a break, a real quick one

Because now that folk are starting to see

You will never ever be able to un-write me


I’m probably not the first writer / artist to think of something like this because at one time or another we’ve all struggled with a piece that just kept us wide awake at nights for no reason, long after we finished, more keeps coming. Thought I’d share it since I wrote it. I would love to see the art version so if you’re an artist who has painted this pain, share it. In the meanwhile, please feel free to visit the poetry pages if you want to read more written verse right now, they’re free. If you’re a poet or writer and want your work posted, send a message and let me know what the work is about and if you want it posted and left there for a short while or forever. It is free, your name is listed next to it and you own 100% of the rights. Thanks for reading, feel free to share your thoughts or experiences.

 Enjoy more >poetry< by visiting out poetry page.

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