Freedom Like that One Drop

That Freedom like a One-Drop

Kevin Allen

Life can be just like that one-drop

Beats so heavy it will make your feet strut, strut – stop

To our rhythm like dap, dap dap,

Like that new dance when the cool folk go dot dot

The one when the beat is just too damn hot

Like change ain’t never gonna come like that

Just like spinning on a quick drop, like clap, clap, clap

Even on the grind like slow days

Like living life out in black-face

Not too turnt up to not care about them old stories

Hallowed by old timers liming on them life-chairs

To sip like cool-aid on that breathe of fresh air

There’s some sad songs them old timers could play to our ears

You probably already know what all of them words are

Might a used em yourself if you were ever hauled back there

Before we were able to wade out all hands and knees and nerve into that water

Like a captive finally getting to see your first glimpse of sunlight

Heard you bawled like a baby that first free night

Running in the open, shouting bout, now, it’s alright

Like it was the last day of your life

Like breathing had never ever felt so damned nice

Still, story is, thanks to you, we turned out alright

And we’re still jamming on that slow one drop like open-mic night

Like we can’t ever forget we the reason that one drop is this hype

Dancing, like too nice, itching them old days like head lice

Without them crazy feet y’all jigged with, no way we’d make it this far

Where we can see how living with them days left us a deep chasm for a scar

Like that never healing kind, but we can still dance like we always had freedom here

Like them folk that did the thing before us was right on par

Like the best days of our worst lives was like, right back there

Them days still calling us out our names, like yeah

But we can answer because we’re starting to acknowledge and value who we are

Thanks to them days that beat us till blackness shined like light through ships on water

When on behalf of holding that chain they committed to all out warfare

So now, any name we get, right, all good and fair

Even the ones that open that wound from, you know, way back there

Cause, yeah, we must have forgot when them days took feet and ear

We still got that jig from the day when legality glossed the brutality that year

And somehow you think it’s alright if you keep dragging us back there

Should be cool, get over it, like, there is nothing to see there

When it took so much just to be able to stand up free in this here

But you still believe I’m gon hand them days supreme power by acting like I hear

Just because they spout weak words to agitate me like them days, I hear

Nah, they only deserve silence and some really dirty looks, to be clear

Nah, they were not forgotten

Just pushed themselves in a corner when legality said we could finally heal from the whipping

That welted our backsides, front sides, our prides for six whole generations

So, them days to call us out our names for any reaction

I ain’t even gonna hiss my teeth before I offer em cut-eyes and silence and keep on keeping

So what should I care about them moving on to new hysterics

Shouting bout all them white days are slowly dying

After six hundred years they just need to stop dying and die

That way the rest of us can make some new days and live by them right

Where we all get along in our quarrels about them games, like Fortnite

We don’t need songs that tell us bout them days that went straight into riot

We survived them days, six hundred, dancing like warriors

So we don’t need to hear about your dying no more

Same song for like, years now, till we switched to a different tune

You went, hitched up in a corner, pouting bout we’ll forget you soon

We didn’t forget you, we just liked dancing to that new croon

The one teaching us that we’d all be alright again soon

If, for once, we all acted like we’re all human

You were not forgotten

We all still bear the evidence of your oppressive aggression

But, if you happen to see light and realize

Daps to you, new peace, you’ll get your new day invite

You can come join in that one drop and good vibes

Or stay there brooding that same ol’ jacked up white noise

That everybody is more than ready to forgive

Because in this short life, it’s so much better to one drop and live

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There are struggles and injustices that can never be erased by a new year. Some will live in infamy beyond the generations. While bidding you a new year, I also wanted to share a remembrance that our collective past teaches us that a united people can right any wrong and make right, any injustice. To a prosperous and harmonizing 2019.

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