Songs of Praise from Foreign Sands

Songs of Praise from Foreign Sands

Kevin Allen

As a child I swallowed the world and its bittersweet

An abhorrent spirit for a boy, so I hucked and I screamed

I gave the pain to the God of my father, Abraham

Then I grew and I forgot

And, so, He sent me far away for what I’d done

In splinters to the winds, captive to the nations

For eating of spoils of things I should have spurned

But on my way, this God, the Lord keeps instructing me

Reminding me always that I am His

Set aside, named for Him from the ancient days

He sings to me a name I did not know was mine

Calling by day, into the night

With words, with songs

Holy reminders on foreign sands

A trumpet in dreams

The winds in my wake

A name lost to me by expulsion

For my many generational transgressions

Of which I am to set aside to prepare for redemption

In a vision

He says ‘come’

In a dream, a name that says to me, ‘Home

The yoke I will let loose

The oppression will I undo

I have heard you in your torment calling

Heard on your voice full understanding

I am here

In the land across the waters

The abundant land I once repossessed from your fathers

That is why there is no nation to claim you or take you in

But I sing so you hear

I sing so you remember who you are

I sing so you know that I am here

I sing so you know that I am with you

You are my nation, let none lay claim to you

Though I gave you time to consider, time to atone

I am a jealous God

I would not leave what is mine alone

Soon I come to reclaim that which is mine

I will command the ships that sail you home’

My face stained like my soul

My heart sprang to life

With choruses so joyful

A song bellowed wild and full

In answer to the voice I hear from the four corners

Chanting those songs I will sing forever

From foreign lands till I get home with my brothers

To sing praises there to our Lord

The songs of praise for never leaving us alone

While chains draped our ankles

We cried out so you would hear the anguish of our children

We sang you songs of praise from foreign lands

So you would remember and deliver them by your hands

From the rivers of Babylon

To the shores of the Caribbean

We sang you songs of praise knowing your wrath would subside

Hoping you would hear our voices scattered on the tide

Even as your words said for a time you would hide

Till we at last set the idols aside

Till we learned to keep your command

And now I sing because you have finally answered

Called me even by my name to remind me I’m your servant

Here, even here, you remind me of the covenant

That binds me to you

That lighted my voice in praise anew


Every time I sit down to write something new comes. If you’re wondering why I wrote this, it is because the inspiration wrote me first. Hoped you enjoyed reading it. Save it if it moves you and feel free to let me know what you think.

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