imagesDo you like reading books and poems? I’ve written more than one hundred thousand sentences since I started writing, so I believe I’ve gotten to good. Some of them have been great while others needed some attention, but they were all written to entertain whoever came across them. Each word started as ideas that became reality as they joined together to form books and short stories and poetry and blog posts, you can read out all over the writer’s block Breezywriter. My name is Kevin Allen and writer’s block is officially my home on the web.

The writer’s block Breezywriter began as an idea when I first started writing. The idea was to blog about my writing so that readers who read my books could keep up to date if they decided they wanted to read more from me. The idea grew to include and showcase the work of others you can find in posts in the feeds. If you are a writer with a complete book and need some publicity feel free to ask about our free author interview posts by contacting me.

Check out the free, periodically updated ebook, currently The Sixth, written on the block.

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