Kevin Allen

author Kevin AllenIt is only natural I became a writer since the arts, reading books, words, writing stories, and things like that are able to keep my attention. I’ve always been able to wrap stories in so many layers that it gets impossible to tell fact from fiction, though my main style seems to fit science fiction and action genres more fluidly. Learning to write the stories I spin has granted me the greatest liberation a man could find in life. So I’m using these talents to write everything from poetry you can find on the Breezy Writer’s poetry pages, more coming soon, to the free novels (currently The Sixth) written right here, to short stories and entire books that can be found at your favorite online retailer (ex: AmazonSmashwords and more). Thank you for stopping in. Subscribe or hit the contact button to let me know you were here or to leave a kind word. Before you go, feel free to have a look around and enjoy some of the work I’ve put in and also the interviews of some great writers I’ve been fortunate enough to meet on the news feed.

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