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five guns blazingFive Guns Blazing

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Crooked Cat Books

Winner of the Chaucer Awards for historical fiction takes you into the world of old England and the High-seas of the Caribbean. Set sail with a new adventure today.



The Other Side of That Alien Story books I & II


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The other side of that alien story

Some days it’s best to enjoy the silence of the wind, even if it will never be on Earth. 15 year old Bernard Sydney shares his whimsical life on a planet the new arrivals from Earth call Mekan 1. But everything begins to change when the colony from Earth runs smack dab into the intelligent life of the planet.




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The Other Side of that Alien Story II

The Planet is Kajteknin. That is the first thing the Earth colony learned about the world Frontier left them on, after meeting the intelligent life there. Then they begin to learn about the wonderful technology developed by the intelligent life on the planet. But the Kajteknin inhabitants seem to be keenly drawn to teenagers Bernard and Erin and, although it bothers some of the adults of the Earth colony, it doesn’t warrant taking time from important duties and learning to use the tech of the Kajteknin people. They’re just kids, after all.


Trinity Breed Books

Trinity breed Book I – Ghost of Shadybrook

Ghost of Shadyb

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Steven Jones is content in Shadybrook. His life has been peaceful for the first time since he was kidnapped at the age of fourteen. His past is coming to hunt him with a variety of tech and human weapons. Two of which he has gotten too close to and too comfortable with. But comforts mean nothing in the world he was thrown into as a teenager and if he wants to survive and save the good people of the only place he’s found peace, he will have to go back to doing what he knows how to do. It is a simple deal of kill or be killed, right?



Consent by Birth – Trinity Breed book II

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Women are dying of mysterious circumstances in the city. One is a well-to-do woman who just happened to be having the time of her life in a hotel room. It is a case newly assigned to detective Mark Morrison and Marian Chambers. Has all the ringings of a serial killer once the clues begin to fit together. But when his wife gets kidnapped it invites everything Mark has ever dreamed about into his life, along with things he never wanted.

Consent By Birth Trinity Breed Book 4

consent by oath by kevin allen

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A father he never knew. A brother or two. A mother hidden a city away. Detective Morrison’s life is beginning to unfold in a way that he wishes it wouldn’t as an investigation into the death of several women have now taken a personal turn.



consent to unleash

Consent to Unleash – Book 4 of the Trinity Breed Series.

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Boston PD is cleaning up the mess caused by Edison Benjamin. Two of his sons, detective Mark Morrison and Steven Jones are a big part of a joint effort by several law enforcement agencies and the intelligence wing their father used to work for. There is only one problem. The closer they get to knowing more about Edison is the more Mark seem to lose of his mind.