Consensual Release Party

Consensual Official Kindle Release Party – Support an author, buy a book for 99cents I’ve been a busy little bee, making my new Crime Novel, ‘Consensual’ into self-pub reality. A Novel that should have been made available in February, having setbacks and fits of, oh – oh, Consensual is now semi-live on a few sites […]

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Catching up On My Week

It has been crazy. I am reading The Awakening-3 by Angella Graff. And will be doing a review of it. So far, good stuff but I have to tell you; read this book if you’re into things that go bump in the night. It’s the stuff of Myths and legends I tell you.  have also […]

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The writer and the Writer

Good morning one and all. Welcome back to the writer’s block. Since I have no authors to feature this month I wanted to feature some of my current works. Did you all like the poems you saw? I know, there are just two of them here. I want to post more but I wanted some […]

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